life is a learning EXPERIENCE

We live in great times, blessed with technological marvels that facilitate everyday of our lives. Think about it, when I was doing my engineering some 20 years back, if we needed to design something we would go to libraries, search dozens of books and still not get the relevant information needed to design our project. Now a days all you need is just pick up your phone and search for it and get tons of relevant pages in seconds. Information is now at our fingertips.

Engineering is not just a degree, it's not even a profession but rather its a way of thinking. Engineering is to figure out solution of problems, which may be complex or simple everyday problems that annoy us. Fortunately, information or knowledge is no longer a problem, what to do with that information and how to apply that knowledge to solve our problems is the element that defines us as engineers.

This is what we do at AAA TECHNOLOGIES, we pickup one problem at a time, figure out the least expensive but most efficient solution to that problem and build it. If the solution is good enough it automatically converts into a business opportunity thus not only fulfilling our vision to help people all around us but also generating an alternate stream of revenue that runs our business.

Absar A. Ansari

Founder / CEO