The French Hotel Cafe CD -- Marc Silber and Tom Bruce

The old cafe is gone, replaced by Cafe Senz at the same location. Most of the original staff have moved on but some of the old crowd can still be found there. This site remains as a memory of earlier times.

You may download this CD for free! The zip files contain the mp3s, cover art, and assembly instructions. Or just use the player here.

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This CD is dedicated to the workers at the French Hotel Cafe, Berkeley, California, USA.

Master for track 1 recorded at The Art House, Berkeley, CA (

Masters for tracks 2-4 recorded at Strings, Emeryville, CA (

Track 5 recorded from Radio Free Berkeley, 2001.

Track 6 recorded at Grizzly Peak Studios, Berkeley, CA

Track 1 is original for this compilation. Others can be found on existing CDs by the artists.

Recorded and engineered by Tom Bruce (

Cover drawing by Chris Peterson (

Photographs by Marc S. Silber (

Copyright © Tom Bruce and Marc Silber, 2011-2014

Use the players below for individual tracks.

The French Hotel Cafe


© Marc Silber, 2008 (4:20) Lyrics

With Michael Hubbert (clarinet)

Coffee Blues

2 Coffee Blues.mp3

© Marc Silber, 1968 (3:14) Lyrics

With Jody Stecher (mandolin), Suzy Thompson (violin)

Breakfast At The French Hotel

3 Breakfast At The French Hotel.mp3

© Tom Bruce, 1998 (4:33) Lyrics

With Rod Glaubman (bass), Marc Silber (guitar)

Going To Mexico


© Marc Silber, 2005 (5:11) Lyrics

With Rod Glaubman (bass), Michael Hubbert (cuatro)

Berkeley Blues

5 Berkeley Blues.mp3

© Marc Silber, 1995 (4:03) Lyrics



© Tom Bruce and Stacy Dulan, 2014 (3:30) Lyrics

Some of the staff from 2011

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