Cambridge open meet April 2015

Post date: Feb 20, 2015 7:09:18 PM

There is another Cambridge Open Meet in April which will be supporting as a club. There are sessions Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday all day.

How to enter...

This meet is a 'faster than meet' so please look at the times on page 5 and make sure your child can swim their race faster than the time listed. Then choose which races they would like to do and fill in the entry form on page 7 and return this to us with a cheque for your entry fees made payable to Royston Swimming Club and in an envelope marked with your child's name and CoCSc April.

Entries must be in to us by 9pm, 27th February, at the latest. Late entries, entries on anything other than the entry form, without payment or amendments to entries will not be accepted. Please drop your entries into the RSC postbox or hand to me, Matthew Brundle or Liz Weimann.

How do I find out my child's times?

If they swam in the club champs or at a licenced open meet you will find their times on the ASA website unlicenced times will be on swimclubmanager and failing that time them before or after a training session at the pool.

What is an Open Meet?

Open Meets are a great way for the swimmers to compete in their favourite strokes and distances and experience a proper competition environment. The galas are well run and are friendly. Swimmers are seeded by their time and swim in heats. At the end of all the heats, positions are given by age on sheets displayed for swimmers and parents, medals are normally awarded to 3rd place. These events are usually licenced which means you get an official time which can potentially qualify you for County championships and beyond.

The Open meets are normally split into 2 sessions per day and each session lasts about 3 hours. You can leave your child whilst they swim at the session, as long as we have a contact number and that you have arranged to collect them by the end of the session/s. They will also need food, drink, money and changes of clothes and something to keep them busy between races.

If you have any questions please ask a coach at the end of the session.