Om Namah Sivaya - Lighting of Shivalayaas Kuzhu

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Dear Devotees, welcome to our mission to light our Siva temples with oil lamps. Lighting traditional oil lamps with a cotton wick in a brass or a silver or an earthen lamp has been part our religious tradition since time immemorial. Lord Siva has also been worshipped in the form of Agni at Thiruvannamalai shrine and its association with Karthigai deepam festival is well known.

Lighting temples with vilakku (lamp) is an adorable need extolled by saints in our dharma - more so the Nayanmars. We are working in temples - mostly ancient ones located in rural areas around Kumbakonam. This is an easy yet effective way to reinvirogate the worship in our hoary temples located in the far flung villages.

Please do your bid to fill in the oil to light a lamp in the age old temples at your native villages or join us to light the temples where immediate attention is needed.

We intend to provide temples with oil tins of Gingelly oil - Nallennai or of mahua oil - Illupennai. Illuppai or Mahua as it is known in North India (botanical name: Bassia longifolia) is a suitable choice for oil in temple. Unfortunately the tree is getting harder to find in Tamilnadu and this famous tree - a sthalavruksham needs to be promoted in a big way.

Illupai can also be planted wherever possible and that will serve as a source of oil and also be of ecological & aesthetic value and help combat global warming. We can also assist you in raising these plantations.

We are involved in renovation of a few temples in Tamilnadu and have completed a few in the recent past. You can find the details in the sidebar.

Sivaya Namah,

S. Lakshminarayanan

Nanmangalam, Chennai 117.

Phone: +91 - 98841 26417


The illuppai tree, captured near Chitrakoot town in M.P - This is the sacred town where Sri Rama spent a major portion of his vanavasam.

"தீபமங்கள ஜோதீ நமோநம

தூய அம்பல லீலா நமோ நம

தேவ குஞ்சரி பாகா நமோ நம அருள்தாராய்''