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24 Jan 2015, Dan from Los Angeles
from: https://sites.google.com/site/tellwhendone/
"Enough. I am the master of the computer and not the other way around"

I love your attitude!
Thank you Dan :)

7 Nov 2013, Anthony from (unknown)
Sometimes when I run "Tell When Done", it will indicate within a few seconds that the program it's watching is finished, but it's not finished. I think that it would be helpful if you could add an option to your program to wait for X number of seconds before indicating a finish to cover a running program that might have some hesitations in it.
Hi Anthony, sorry for late reply.
Sometimes the process on which you press hotkey for TWD, does not do any process, but call some other process. Since TWD watching the first process, it assumes that it is done. I have plan to allow user to change or select the actual process which is doing the job.
Pray for me to get some free time :)

4 Sep 2012, Vipul from Surat
I seen Paste Text and Stick Note both is very nice tool and very useful.

Thanks Vipul. I am happy that you found them useful.

24 May 2012, Tomer from London
Thank you for Tell me when!
Thanks Tomer for finding it useful.