Board of Directors
meets a week before the General Meeting at the discretion of the President)
Club Members are invited to attend all Board meetings

Dave Stegemoller, President
Bruce Barbre, Vice President
Karen Sue Keith, Secretary - 2017
Donna Barger, Treasurer -2018
Errol Keith, Member at Large- 2017
Jim Young, Member at Large
- 2018
Ken Wood, Past President

Other Contacts:

Banners - Bill Spate
Historian/Cookbook - Karen Wood
Member Roster Updates - Donna Barger
Name Tags - Rick Mannarino
Roadrunner Shirts - Bill Spate
Roadrunner Club Car Tags - Jim Young
Webmasters - Ken Wood, Rick Mannarino

Officers/Directors/Contacts Document

Past Presidents
Ken Wood
Rick Mannarino2014-15
Pat McElveen2012-13
Larry Andrews2010-11
Don Hill2008-09
Pete Raft2006-07
Steve Smoker2005
Bill Spate2003-04
Lou Cotton2001-02
Ivar Carlson1999-2000
Bill and Virgie Pitts1997-98
Pat Scanlan1995-96
KL Wood,
Oct 23, 2017, 7:55 AM