The Computer Song Book is a computer programming workbook for school children. It contains simple Basic programs whereby children learn to enter a data string that produces songs. It has songs for both the IBM PC and the Apple. Disks are included with the book. Published by J. Weston Walch for ten years.

There are many kinds of ruins all over the world. Each story deals with how humans make sense of the ruins around them. 'Pilgrims' is a short short about a possible future, where the best country in the world has left and those that remain deal with it in an interesting manner. Now available at

In the future the world is in ruins. Man has gone. A robot left behind is accidentally switched on. Fix-it sees the world is a mess and since he is a fix-it robot he sets about fixing things. 'I, Fixit' is in the anthology published by Hadleyrillebooks. Now available as 'The God of Tomorrow' at and

Night Beasts are genetically mutated bats. They were kept in cold storage in a doomsday satellite until the command code was accidentally tripped by astronauts sent to investigate the satellite. Ceramic pods fall to the earth, each filled with jelly bean size eggs. Scientists had engineered the 'Warbeasts' to not reproduce but the beasts have discovered how to reproduce: man. And the world is under attack. Published by New version available at and

The world is covered by water. Man has learned to live 'Under a Liquid Sky'. But the children want to live on the surface. The water is receding. The ice caps are reforming. If the water completely recedes there will not be enough food and millions will die. How can they feed everyone so they can move to the surface? Anthology published by Available at and

The Christmas Carol Stories are imaginative tales loosely based on the characters from the Charles Dickens classic. Featuring Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Bob Crachit, Marley's ghost and others. Available at and

More stories and books available at Three Door Publishing

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