After installing McAfee Antivirus, your computer is slow?

The McAfee antivirus program has many features and functions, but this variety of choices can lead to problems on some computers, especially older ones. McAfee allows you to scan your computer and update automatically, but these operations take up RAM and bandwidth, providing less electricity for work. McAfee can also computer slow after installing McAfee if it is not capable of operating it, if you have an older machine, it may not meet system requirements.

Let's find out more about this problem and try to fix the matter using quick and simple steps.

Why After Installing McAfee Antivirus computer is slow

If you are a Windows or Mac user, you must be aware of McAfee Antivirus, which was previously one of the very popular antivirus applications. However, as we understand everything has a price, and McAfee does it.

McAfee constantly stutters and delays the computer, because it uses most of the resources all the time, which makes the windows believe, and this takes some time, and finally, the computer begins to slow down these elements.

The installation of the anti-virus program may also be necessary because in most cases it saves your computer from most malware and viruses while using the Internet or simply connecting a USB stick that was previously associated with the infected computer. Many people have slowed their computers after installing McAfee.

We now provide a number of tips so you can create your computer a little faster and help you stay protected right at the same time.

So first let's see what McAfee really does when the computer runs slowly, McAfee really constantly protects the C drive, and thus checks every file provided in the temporary folder, checks every file that is trying to get the registry or some other driver files.

Now they are not broken and therefore gets a computer chip from the same, and thus really leaves less money for computer use. In this way, the computer starts to hang.

Step 1 - Changing the configuration from continuous security to continuous supervision-

  • Open the McAfee application.

  • Change the option on the Protection tab from Continuous security to Continuous supervision.

This really keeps the application under supervision, but when we browse untrusted pages, we need to provide full McAfee protection to protect us.

And even we need to really manually scan after adding a new disk from the computer, it means that we must be really aware of using McAfee in continuous supervision mode.

Step 2 - Avoid using McAfee system resources.

  • Avoid using McAfee system resources.

  • Type "MSConfig" from the search bar.

  • See the Launch tab.

  • Uncheck the boxes associated with the McAfee producer registered near the product.

You can really turn off the ongoing scanning provided by McAfee and really openly perform daily scans in the long run, it can actually prevent disruption of our work, and we could continue our work without a slow and continuous operation of the computer.