30. Curriculum Development

Abstract: Establishing a course curriculum is one of the first duties that a new teacher is likely to confront. Teacher candidates need to know in advance what is worth knowing, and understand the influences that will exert limitations on curricular decisions. The curriculum outlines what it is that the teacher – perhaps in cooperation with others – thinks is worth knowing. It determines the substance of the course about to be taught.

Curriculum and Instruction – Curriculum Development – Knowledge-based Competencies – Theory Bases for Curriculum Planning – Internal and External Influence on Curriculum Planning – Curriculum Emphases – Textbook Selection – Effective Science Curricula – A Generic Curriculum Planning Process – A Physics-Specific Curriculum Planning Process – Keep in Mind the Hidden Curriculum – The Physics Course Syllabus – A Word about Resources – Curriculum Revision – Levels of Inquiry Learning Sequences – Additional Examples of Learning Sequences