31 reviewers for a a total of 98 chapter reviews

Carl Covatto, Arizona State University (Arizona)

Kevin S. Horton, Cienega High School (Arizona)

Ingrid Novodvorsky, University of Arizona (Arizona)

Jeffrey J. Steinert, Arizona School for the Arts (Arizona)

Lane Fischman, The Archer School for Girls (California)

Christopher Wozny, Dalton State College (Georgia)

Saleha Banu, Chicago Public Schools (Illinois)

Marshall Ellenstein, Maine West High School (Illinois)

Shane Hanson, Lanphier High School (Illinois)

Tom Holbrook, University High School (Illinois)

Janet Landato, Harper College (Illinois)

Timothy McCaskey, Columbia College Chicago (Illinois)

Brittany McNulty, Morton High School (Illinois)

Kenneth Wester, Illinois State University (Illinois)

Adam J. Kent, West Des Moines Community Schools (Iowa)

Charles Dorman, EF Academy-Thornwood (New York)

Nick Cabot, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (North Carolina)

Kathleen A. Harper, The Ohio State University (Ohio)

Kathy Koenig, University of Cincinnati (Ohio)

Brian D. Campbell, Southwestern Oklahoma State University (Oklahoma)

Jason B. Lonon, Spartanburg Day School (South Carolina)

William G. Newton, Texas A&M University, Commerce (Texas)

Paul M. Miller, West Virginia University (West Virginia)

William J. Canham, Hong Kong International School (Hong Kong, China)

Kodjo Donkor Taale, University of Education (Winneba, Ghana)

Lilik Hasanah, Indonesian University of Education (Bandung, Indonesia)

Arif Hidayat, Indonesian University of Education (Bandung, Indonesia)

David L. Byrum, Ruamrudee International School (Bangkok, Thailand)

In addition, three reviewers have asked to remain anonymous.

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