1. On Becoming a Teacher

Abstract: Teaching is one of the world’s great occupations. Though demanding, teaching often provides rewards that are worth more than money. If you aspire to be a teacher, you probably want to do so for one or two main reasons. The most commonly cited reasons are spending time dealing with the subject a teacher enjoys, and wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. There are many other good reasons to become a teacher that should be considered in light of the fact that you probably will be taking a substantial amount of course work in science and mathematics, will have to complete teacher education course requirements, pass rigorous state testing of content knowledge, and complete many weeks of student teaching. Not everyone who wants to be a teacher is cut out to do so, and this article will help teacher candidates determine if they are making the proper decision. If you are already a teacher, this chapter will help you to recruit the next generation of physics teachers.

Becoming a Teacher – Physics – Seven Good Reasons to Become a Physics Teacher – What Do High School Physics Teachers Do? – Work Environment – Work Schedules – Do You Have What It Takes? – How Do I Become A Physics Teacher? – Types of Knowledge Required – More than Knowledge of Physics – A Typical Physics Teacher Knowledge Base – Critical Advice – Are You Ready to Begin?