For prospective high school physics teachers and candidates.

For in-service physics teachers.

For physics teacher educators.

Teaching High School Physics

by Carl J. Wenning and Rebecca E. Vieyra

A work in 3 volumes.

Released on Kindle March 25, 2015.

Released on Google Play Books April 8, 2015.

Teaching High School Physics is a work in 3 volumes. Its authors are an accomplished university physics teacher educator and a distinguished high school physics teacher.

With an emphasis on pedagogical content knowledge in physics education, this publication helps to prepare physics teachers with a solid philosophical and practical foundation. It includes specific strategies and guidelines for physics teacher education.

This book includes guidance for teachers throughout their career, from student teaching to advanced professional growth. It can serve as a textbook for prospective high school physics teachers, and as a detailed reference for in-service physics teachers and physics teacher educators.

This publication summarizes research associated with physics teaching and learning, while incorporating broad topics, researcher, and resources associated with general educational practices that might be taught in departments, colleges, or schools of education. This book includes a myriad of examples of effective instructional activities in high school physics. A father-daughter team, the authors bring the theoretical and the practical together in a 3-volume publication.

THSP Volume I
THSP Volume II