Working Papers

Currency Manipulation (with Thomas Mertens and Tony Zhang)

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Immigration, Innovation, and Growth (with Konrad Burchardi, Thomas Chaney, Lisa Tarquinio, and Stephen Terry)


Published and Forthcoming Papers

Firm-Level Political Risk: Measurement and Effects (with Stephan Hollander, Laurence van Lent, and Ahmed Tahoun)

The Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming

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Forward and Spot Exchange Rates in a Multi-Currency World (with Rui Mano)

The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2019) 134 (1), pp. 397-450

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Migrants, Ancestors, and Foreign Investments (with Konrad Burchardi and Thomas Chaney)

The Review of Economic Studies (2019) 86 (4), pp. 1448-1486

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The Power of the Street: Evidence from Egypt's Arab Spring (with Daron Acemoglu and Ahmed Tahoun)

The Review of Financial Studies (2018) 31 (1), pp. 1-42 (editor's choice)

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The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment (with Thomas M. Mertens)

The American Economic Review (2017) 107 (4), pp. 1059-1103

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Natural Experiments in Macroeconomics (with Nicola Fuchs-Sch√ľndeln)

Handbook of Macroeconomics Volume 2 (2016), North-Holland, pp. 923-1012

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Not so Disconnected: Exchange Rates and the Capital Stock (with Thomas Mertens and Tony Zhang)

Journal of International Economics (2016) 99, pp. S43-S57

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Information Aggregation in a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model (with Thomas M. Mertens)

NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2014, pp. 159-207

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Country Size, Currency Unions, and International Asset Returns

The Journal of Finance (2013) 68(6), pp. 2269-2308. Winner of the Austrian Central Bank's 2009 Klaus Liebscher Award and the Leo Melamed Prize for Outstanding Research in Finance.

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The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification (with Konrad Burchardi)

The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2013) 128(3), pp. 1219-1271

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Social Structure and Development: A Legacy of the Holocaust in Russia (with Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson)

The Quarterly Journal of Economics (2011) 126(2), pp. 895-946.

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Market Sentiment: A Tragedy of the Commons (with Thomas M. Mertens)

The American Economic Review P&P (2011) 101(2), pp. 402-405.


Work in Progress

Country Risk (with Jesse Schreger, Markus Schwedeler, and Ahmed Tahoun)


Other Writings

What the euro has done for you [Italian]

Il Sole 24 Ore, May 5, 2017

Research Statement (an overview of my work, January 2016)