Event Information / entry- April 15, 2017

Thanks to DCR Blue Hills Reservation for permiting this event!

The 21st annual Trail Animals "Don't Run Boston" ultra marathons will be held on Saturday, April 15, 2017. (To avoid Easter Sunday)  

This is a rugged event with a good dose of steep rocky trails interspersed with quite runnable sections. 

 For those of you who don’t know this run, here is what you get for your zero dollar entry fee:
  • A tough course with lots of turns and no markings.
  • One manned aid station, visited 3 times, stocked by you (collective "you all" that is) and several fluid drops
  • Lots of history- run continuously since 1997 this is by far the oldest TARC ultra event. It dates back to the true beginnings of the club before the current resurrection. 
  • Post race picnic across from the bathhouse

A 50 mile run will start at 6 am.  

The 50K "event" has a start time of 8 am.  If you would like an early start you may start at 6 am.    Runners must complete the course by 7:00 pm. (Note change in cutoff time expected due to DCR restrictions)

There will be no entry fee, however you will be asked to to provide one of the following:  1) an item for the aid station,  2) an item for a post race gathering, or 3) an aid drop  in the woods.   We also ask for you to make a voluntary donation to "Blue Hills Trailside Museum" to support one of the important programs the Blue Hills offer to get people out in nature.   Click here for Museum Info
Signup will occur via a Google form (see below or the forms page.)

Entry plan:   Entries are limited.  See entry/forms page for details.  Entry confirmation will be required in April.

Aid drop / aid station / post race assignments will be  determined in April.  

To enter go the entry/forms page: (Click here)