Event Information / entry- April 17, 2016

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Our 20th year is coming up!

The Trail Animals "Don't Run Boston" ultramarathons will be held on Sunday, April 17, 2016. 

For tho
se of you who don’t know this run, here is what you get for your zero dollar entry fee:

- A tough course with lots of turns and no markings.
- No real aid stations, but some dropped water and goodies in the woods (you can volunteer to drop some drinks or food here or there)
-No one checking on you to see if you are lost or worse
-Lots of history- run continuously since 1997 this is by far the oldest TARC ultra event. It dates back to the true beginnings of the club before the current resurrection. 

These events will be less organized than in years previous to 2014 because of pressure from DCR Rangers. THERE WILL BE NO MANNED AID STATION across from headquarters.  These will be more like our weekend runs with group starts and some fluids will be dropped along the course.  The course was slightly redesigned (in 2014) to allow for self-service aid at mile 16 at your own vehicle which must be left at the Houghton's Pond lot. 

A 50 mile run will start at 6 am and be limited to 25 runners.  You should be committed to running 50 miles to start at 6 am.  

The 50K "event" has been reorganized to accommodate increased interest.  In general, runners will be allowed to start any time between 7 am and 9 am and to record their own times.  If you wish to be competitive, 25 runners can start the 50K at the traditional time of 8 am.   I will organize other group starts at 7 and 9 as well according to your wishes. 

There will be no entry fee, however you will be asked to drop something in the woods for aid at one of the designated locations. (If you are a newcomer to the Blue Hills relax and enjoy our hospitality...locals with knowledge of the course will volunteer to put out the aid)   Signup will occur via a Google form (see below or the forms page.)

Entry plan:    Initial entries accepted until Jan 18.  Shortly thereafter I will select starters and start times and update you.  No start time can exceed 25 people.  At that time I will activate wait lists or allow late signups as necessary.    

Aid drop assignments will go out about a week before the run.  

To enter go the forms page: (Click here)

You must time yourself and submit your finish time via Google Form as well.