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2018 P-ProductDSP Software engineer
C, Python, Matlab. SVD, FFT, DSP lib for XC16, Radar, 5G, WiFi

STM32 FLIR camera control (C);
Mixing common and thermal images (OpenCv, Python);
Softvare PRZ interface for Pelco-D(P) (Python);
1C weighting and display system drivers (C++);
Corporate docflow system (1C);
BB APK installer for android (.Net)
2015 2018Carbon-Delta AG (Zürich)Web developerPython, Django, HTML, JScript, MatplotLib, Cartopy, PostgreSQL

STM32 OSD digital system (C);
Access Controll System (Django, Python);
Labeling system (Flask, Python, SQLite);
STM32 motion control MPU6050, HMC5883 (C);
STM32 DCMI  TVP5150 to LCD (C);
Arduino mouse repiller (C++);
Arduino FLIR camera control (C++);
Trade screen for Miniso (HTML, JScript);
Egg flow control (OpenCv, Python).
20132015Agrarian Holding AvangardDevOps1C 8.2, MS SQL, manufacturing, salary, trade and accounting
Operation control for chicken plant,
Egg box labeling and control (Raspberry, Python,  CGI)
Vacations accounting
STM32 DCMI  OV2640 (OV7670) to LCD (C);
STM32 motion control ADXL322, HMC5883 (C);
1C driver for fiscal recorder  "MARIA 301" (C++);
1C rs232 driver (C++);
Fiscal recorder Prim07 integration (Python);
Arduino CL5767 fm radio (C++);
Raspberry + DHT11 (C).
20112013Abby UkraineSoftware engineer1C 7.7 accounting, 1C 8.2 docflow, trade.
STM32 thermometer DS18B20, DHT11, HCH1000, HSF1000, BMP085 (C); 
Electricity consumption (C++, PHP, MySQL);
Internet thermometer project (PHP, Python, JScript, JQuery, MySQL);
Children English study program (Android, Java);
Colgate promo (Android, Java).
20092011Mir 1C - TNK BP UkraineSoftware engineer1C 8.2, MS SQL, Budgeting, treasury, consolidation, trade, operation control, IFOPS integration, MS SQL direct integration. 
20092009LigaAdministrator, Programmer1C 8.1, salary accounting. 
20072009Ukrmeat FCGDeveloper, database administrator1C 8.1, MS SQL, manufacturing, salary and accounting.Web news collector and analyzer (1C);
Mail collector and analyzer (1C).
2004 2007Abbyy Ukraine DevOps, Enterprise solutions developer
1C 7.7 - 1C 8.0, MS SQL. Internal trade and manufacturing operation control, accounting, budgeting, GAP,
Corporate mobile phone billing system;
1C Web trade; 1C LDAP integration (VBscript);
1C Access Control system integration;
1C MS SQL direct data access and ISS visualization (ASP).

20032012Dniprovsky district Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (Kiev)Programmer1C 7.7, salary accounting 
2003 2004Conto LTD Programmer1C 7.7, trade, accounting, bar - restaurant accounting. Client-bank integration, Trade devices integration 
20012003Skiff LTD (Chernivtsi) - Kryzhopol sugar plant, Salivonky sugar plantDeveloper1C 7.7, operational control for acceptance of sugar beetroot, Mettler Toledo weight system integration (VB, Access, Foxpro, Clipper).
C51 micro-controller weight system AD7805 + HBM tensor sensor (Assembler);
C51 dispenser (C);
C51 lite time control DS1307 (C);
С51 thermo threshold regulator (C);
Office Mini ATS billing system (VB).
2000    2001Aronaks LTD (Chernivtsi) - Chernivtsi engineering plantDeveloper1C 7.0, salary accounting.  
19972000 Pajard LTD (Chernivtsi)Programmer1C 6.1, inventory control and trade accounting. 
Shtroble LTD - Bosh part number inventory control and trade (1C);
Roma LTD - Beer trade accounting (1C);
Kerry-Pharm - pharmacy trade accounting (1C).
19951997Style ISP LTD (Chernivtsi)Programmer 1C 6.0, inventory control accounting (DBase, Foxpro, Clipper).
16 bit ADC AD7714 PC integration, PC digital oscilloscope (Delphi);
Mail tossing (Pascal);
Video capture motion detection system (Delphy).