Girl Scouts - Simple Meals Junior Badge

Step 1: Step up your skills with a pro

Maya chose to do option 3, "Tour a kitchen." One of the provided options was to tour your own kitchen, which she chose to do. Her parents gave her a tour of the kitchen, including things that made it unique as a kosher kitchen (multiple sinks and dishwashers), some of the design elements that went into building the kitchen (color choices, Kitchen Triangle design for usability), and how some of the appliances worked (how the gas stovetop turns on and the flames can be at different heights).

Step 2: Whip up a great breakfast

For breakfast, Maya chose to make French toast using leftover challah, and sliced up apples and served with peanut butter (for protein!).

Step 3: Fix a healthy lunch or dinner

For lunch, Maya chose option #2, to make an International sandwich. She chose to make paninis filled with avocado, tomato, red onion, and cheese. Because we do not have a panini maker, she cooked them in a large skillet, with a smaller skillet weighed down on top to flatten them.

Step 4: Create a delicious dessert

Maya chose option #1, to make a dessert she had not made before. Maya made chocolate chip granola, which had to be put together and baked. This was also her first time putting something into a hot oven herself!

Step 5: Make your own meal

For her final step, Maya chose option #1, to make a salad meal. She chose to make a Greek salad with feta cheese (for protein) and served with bread (challah). No photos of the process this time because she made it for Shabbat lunch, but it looked like the photo!