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Bar-Ilan University (BIUgraduate holding a B.Sc degree in Computer Science (C.S.) and currently working on my M.A. in Law studies.


Working at Enix Technologies as a Solutions Engineer specializing in the following fields:
@ C# .Net Web Development
@ SQL Server
@ BI
@ Real Time BI (Oracle BAM)
@ Product Management
@ Systems Integration


After graduating from Katzir high school, I worked for an archive company doing work at Kaplan Medical Center in the Oncology division and the X-ray archive division .

Joined the Service (IDF) at 8/1/2003, doing both Tironut and service at the Air-Force in 5707 (among other units) after falling from flight academy.

After graduating from the Army I worked at the I.A.A in the security division.

Graduated the following courses from Bar-Ilan University: Intro to CS (C lang), OO (C++), Linear Algebra 1+2, Data Structures, Calculus 1+2, Discrete Math 1+2, Algorithmic Programming 1+2, Computer Structure, Algorithms 1+2, Computational Complexity, OS, Advanced Assembly, Numerical Methods, Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Database Analysis, Genetic Algorithms, Computational Biology, Intro to Compilers, Intro to Networking, Parallel Systems, Computer Vision, Software Reliability Methods and more.

Activities and Societies: Participated in the "Perach" project during 2008, mentoring children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Worked at Dooblo as a S/W Developer specializing in .Net web development for the JPay site and products.

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