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Takeshi Murooka

CV (updated in July 2018)

Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP)

Osaka University

Email: murooka (at) osipp.osaka-u.ac.jp


日本語の記事等 (in Japanese)

Working Papers

  • "Consumer Exploitation and Notice Periods" (with Marco A. Schwarz), updated in August 2018.
  • "Market Competition and Informal Incentives" (with Matthias Fahn), in preparation.
  • "The Provision of High-Powered Incentives under Multitasking" (with Kohei Daido), in preparation.
  • "Procrastination and Learning about Self-Control" (with Else Gry Bro Christensen), in preparation.
  • "Zero Prices: Optimal Pricing of Experience Goods under Consumer Loss Aversion," in preparation.
  • "Deception under Competitive Intermediation," updated in January 2015.

Refereed Publications

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