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kinSoftChallenge: the cross-lab benchmark study on the kinetic analysis of smFRET time traces. repository of information on FRET

Which pair of fluorophores do you use and why?

-TJ Ha: We began to use Cy3/Cy5 since about 1999, after hearing through Paul Selvin that the Kinosita lab presented Cy3/Cy5 smFRET for F0-ATPases at the BPS meeting that year. We did not think Cy3/Cy5 would be a good pair because the large spectral separation (100 nm) would give us minimal spectral overlap but the large absorbance of Cy5 (250,000) compensates for that. This pair is still our favorite but we have also used Alexa dyes of similar spectral properties for protein labeling, and LDxxx seems to be better in terms of photostability, again for protein labeling.

OpenSMFS is a collection of tools for solution based single molecule florescence spectroscopy. The organization includes tutorials accompanied with complete data sets for the FRETBursts software.