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Weekly Email Updates

Remember to look for weekly email updates sent to your primary e-mail address. If you

are not receiving these, please contact our NCWise Coordinator at

and include your student’s name and grade.

Academics Board
Welcome to Mount Tabor High School! We’re

looking forward to working with the parents,

teachers, students and administration of Mount

Tabor to make the 2017-18 academic year a productive and

rewarding one. As we delve into the fall semester and all its

activities, our goal is to help provide our school community with

excellent academic resources and to nurture an environment of

growth for each of our students.

These high school years are full of challenges, opportunities,

and new experiences. As our kids make decisions about how to

best meet those challenges, we want them to know they are being

guided and held accountable by adults who care. It’s important

that parents are involved in shaping their students’ experiences,

but it’s also important, and often difficult, to know how to give

kids the space to learn responsibility for their own successes and

failures. So as parents, the task of being interested, but not too

intrusive, encouraging, but not too permissive, invested, but not

overly controlling, can leave us wondering how in the world we’ll

make it from freshman year to senior year with our sanity intact.

While each parent has to figure out how to best find those

answers for their family, we do know it’s valuable to rely on others

who are committed to walking with us through the adventure of

our teenagers’ high school years. The Tabor Forum Series gives

parents the opportunity to hear about and discuss important

topics in person; PTSA fundraisers supply the classrooms with

materials for projects, as well as books, supplies, and technology;

volunteers manage the care of our campus grounds so that our

Spartan pride is reflected throughout our school; volunteers

sponsor meals for our hardworking staff during special events, as

well as plan activities for each grade level which builds rapport

and a sense of belonging to their school. As you can see, there is

an abundance of activity where parents can find meaningful and

rewarding ways to connect with our school community.

We’re so glad you are a member of Mount Tabor High School.

Every Spartan belongs here and has a place to find friendship and

academic success. We hope that you will enjoy being an active

member of our high school community and that you already

know you are a welcomed and valuable resource for making our

school excellent for every student.

Best wishes for a wonderful academic year,

Jennifer Ballsieper and Jane Potter,

Co-Vice Presidents, Academics Board

2017 - 18 Academics Board Officers
Co-VPs: Jennifer Ballsieper and Jane Potter /

Treasurer: Beth Sanders /

Co-Secretaries: Julia Smull / juliasmull@gmail.comJulie Miller /

Asst. Principal: Stephawn Kee,

Athletics Board
The Athletics Board is looking forward to another year of

exciting Mt. Tabor athletics in the 2016-17 school year. The

Athletics Board would love your help in continuing our excellence

in athletics tradition. There are numerous ways that parents and

students can help:

THE SPARTAN CLUB – Students and parents, please join the

Spartan Club! The membership dues are a source of revenue for

the Athletics Board. Students get a Spartan Club t-shirt that looks

awesome this year! There will be select Mt. Tabor athletic events

that are deemed “Spartan Nights,” and students will get in FREE

by wearing their Spartan Club t-shirts.


sources of revenue for the Athletics Board has been the sale

of advertisement banners that are displayed at athletic events.

This program is headed by Hugh and Dia Roberts. If you are

interested in becoming a banner sponsor, please email them at Please support these banner sponsors

with your business. Spartans supporting Spartans!

BRICK SALES – Honor your current or former Mt. Tabor

student by buying a brick with his or her name on it that will be

put on Spartan Way. Proceeds go to the Athletic Board.

HARRIS TEETER VIC CARD – Please link your VIC card to

#5022. Harris Teeter will donate funds back to the Athletics Board

if your card is linked.

VOLUNTEER – We are always looking for parents to become

part of the Athletics Board and help out in different ways. We also

need volunteers to help in the concession stand during athletic

events. This is a great way to get to know other Spartan parents.

Fill out and return the volunteer form or go to the Mt.

Tabor PTSA website at

and complete it. Return volunteer forms to the front office or a

member of the Athletic Board.


out and cheer on our Spartan student athletes by attending our

athletic events. We had an outstanding year last year and look

forward to keeping this tradition in the 2016-17 school year.

Go Spartans!

2017 - 18 Athletics Board Officers
Co-VPs: Eddie Bottoms /

Kevin Williams /

Treasurer: Brian Mattison /

Secretary: Debbie Burns /

Asst. Principal: Chris Applegate /

Hall of Fame

Thursday, September 28, 2017 celebrating the introduction of the Spartan Hall of Fame class of 2017

Dr. Thomas L. Brown
John Carcieri
Lanny Cook
Elizabeth "Betsy" Fields
Chris Gaynor
Thad Stanley

Why does Mount Tabor High School have a Hall of Fame? 
In 2010, parents and administrators at Mount Tabor High School came together to create a lasting way to recognize and honor students, teachers and parents who have made outstanding contributions to Mount Tabor High School. 
Who do we recognize?  
Students, teachers, administrators and parents who have brought honor to the school through their leadership, character, achievement and service.
When can I nominate someone? 
Nominations are accepted year round; however, the deadline for the fall class of each year is April 10. For instance, if you want to have a nominee considered for the 2020 Hall of Fame class, you need to submit the nomination form to MTHS by April 10, 2020.
Are there any eligibility requirements?
Student nominations are considered no sooner than 5 years after they have left Mount Tabor and faculty/staff/service(parent) nominees are considered no sooner than 3 years after their service to the school has ended. 
Does a student have to graduate from Mount Tabor High School to be considered?
No.  However, a student nominee must have been enrolled at Mount Tabor High School during at least part of their high school years. 
Examples: (1) A student might have attended Mount Tabor one, two or three years before applying to and being accepted to North Carolina School of the Arts.  (2) Between the years of 1971 and 1984, due to school reorganization, Mount Tabor served only 9th and 10th grade students.  These students are all still eligible for nomination. 
How do I nominate someone?

Download the form at the bottom of this web page. It is strongly recommended for the person submitting the form to fill out the HOF nomination form completely and extensively, even though information may be contained in attachments. Providing a robust application as well as providing some supporting materials will help the committee evaluate the candidate and have a better understanding of why you feel the nominee should be in the Spartan Hall of Fame.
Who do I give the forms to? 
Forms can be emailed to Ed Weiss, Principal of Mount Tabor High School at or mailed to Mount Tabor High School, 342 Petree Road, Winston-Salem, NC  27106 or dropped by the Main Office at the school.
Guidance Update
Greetings Spartans! Welcome to another exciting year at

Mount Tabor. The School Counseling/Guidance Department is

eager to start working with each one of our students and families,

new and old! As a staff, we are dedicated to helping all of our

students graduate from high school, make plans to continue

their education or seek employment after they graduate, while

developing strong interpersonal skills, and maintaining a positive

sense of well-being throughout their time in high school and


Mount Tabor Counselors work with each student individually,

in groups, and through classroom guidance activities to support

academic success, career and post-secondary decision-making

and personal/social development.

During the school year, we will work with individual students

who self-identify a concern or are referred by a teacher, parent or

staff member. Students are welcome to come by the Counseling

Office before or after school or they can fill out a request form to

see their Counselor during school hours.

Each counselor serves a portion of the alphabet based on

students’ last names. Notice that the alphabetical groupings for

some counselors vary per grade level. Parents are welcome

to contact the Counseling Office by calling 336-703-6728 or

sending an email message to their child’s counselor.

With no new changes within the counseling department,

we are very excited for what the year will bring! When you call

or visit the Counseling Office you will probably be greeted by

Mrs. Robinson, our receptionist, or Mrs. Fansler, our registrar.

You will find both to be very knowledgeable and helpful for

whatever your needs may be. We are also lucky to be served by

several wonderful parent volunteers who help at our front desk

throughout the year as well.

We are committed to meeting with every Mount Tabor

student individually at least one time each school year and will

respond to students’ questions and concerns whenever needed.

Near the beginning of the school year, School Counselors will

meet with each senior individually in what we call our “Senior

Meetings”. In these meetings, we hope to develop and/or

communicate a clearly defined graduation plan together with

the student. During February and March, School Counselors

will hold registration meetings with each junior, sophomore

and freshman to confirm/help select courses for the following

school year. The registration meeting is a good time for students

to share their academic and post-secondary goals with their

counselor. We also highly recommend that each student

regularly check-in with his/her counselor and ask questions about

academic, career, and college planning. This is the best way to

promote success for each student.

Along with responding to individual student concerns, we

also provide academic and post-secondary planning activities for

each grade level. See the list of events that make up the Tabor

Forum Series for more details. Fortunately, if you are unable to

attend any of the Tabor Forum Series, information from the event

will be posted on the Guidance Webpage for you to review.

Some important first semester testing and application dates are

listed below. As these dates approach, look for more information

about each test or activity through the Mount Tabor High School

website, phone system and email announcements.

Early September: PSAT/NMSQT Registration for grades 9-11

October 1st: The FAFSA Application will be open (more

information to come)

October 3rd: WS/FCS College Fair from 5:00-8:00pm

(Embassy Suites Hotel, 460 North Cherry Street in downtown


October 19th: PSAT/NMSQT Administration

November 14th -18th: College Application Week!

If you have questions about any of these events, please do

not hesitate to contact you students’ counselor. We believe that

Mount Tabor is a strong high school because our students want

to learn, want to be successful and achieve their goals, and seek

opportunities to fulfill their dreams. As Counselors, we are

committed to helping all of our students do just that.

A Message from Our Guidance Department

The future depends on what we do in the present- Ghandi
9th-12th: A-D Corey Daniel

12th: E-H Lowana Gardner Wade

9th-11th: E-K

12th: I-M Colleen Santos-Roberts

9th-11th: L-M

9th-12th: N-R Stan Huck

9th-12th: S-Z Jake McBride

Fall Semester 2017

“Future Ready” – Mastering the College Application Process
Join your Mount Tabor Guidance Staff for a deep dive into the college application process, including
The Common Application, teacher recommendations, essay development steps, and submitting SAT and
ACT scores. Discover how Guidance partners with students to keep them informed about scholarship
opportunities. Seniors and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend.
“Financial Aid” – What you Need to Know to Pay for College
Join us as our Guidance department and guest speaker, David Gelinas who is Senior Associate Dean and
Director of Financial Aid at Davidson College, discuss the financial factors of scholarships, the FAFSA, and
financial aid, and how they can impact college choice. Seniors and their parents are strongly encouraged to
Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools College Fair
Come talk college with representatives from over 100 colleges and universities. Learn more about schools,
majors, and the application and selection process.
“Skills for Success” – Launching a Successful Year
Friends, homework, social media, and extracurricular activities – how can students budget time effectively and
maintain a healthy balance? Learn how to develop effective study skills, cope with stress, and develop strong
organizational habits. We’ll also discuss the importance of students’ digital lives, and the steps families can
take to manage media and relationships with kindness, respect, and responsibility.
“Bouncing Back” – Building Resilience for Growth
Participate in a discussion with local mental health professionals focused on developing resilience in students.
Parents will learn how to encourage students to self-correct mistakes, to use past experience to make better
decisions, and to build self-esteem by overcoming challenges. Learn about scenarios in which it may be
advised to engage a mental health professional or your child’s pediatrician.
“TESTing 1-2-3” – Strengthening Academic Testing
Expert Robert Capizzi from CapEd Test Prep, along with the Guidance Staff, will educate students and parents
on standardized testing timelines and strategies. Learn how to incorporate testing (PreACT, PSAT, ACT and
SAT) into college planning activities and understand the differences and significance of the tests that measure
College and Career Readiness. Sophomores and juniors and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend.


Support Mount Tabor by shopping with local retailers

and helping raise money for our school’s programs!

Link your Harris Teeter VIC card to

one of the 4 numbers listed below:

Mt. Tabor High School: 3644

PTSA Academics Board: 5021

PTSA Athletics Board: 5022

PTSA Arts Board: 5023


to link your Lowes Foods card

Register your MVP card online at and click MVP Rewards

or call 1-877-614-6877

Executive Update

FRIDAY SEPT 30th 4:30 to 7:30

Happy Birthday, Mount Tabor! In 2016, Mount Tabor celebrates its 50th Anniversary as a high

school, with its creation in 1966. For the last sixteen months, a special committee has been

working on plans to celebrate this prestigious goal by reflecting on the past, celebrating the

present, and looking to the future. In August of 2015, the logo for the 50th Anniversary was

revealed, and is now emblazoned on multiple entrances to the school.

In January 2016 a timeline of Tabor’s accomplishments over the last fifty years was created

which includes everything from the first class to graduate, teachers of the year, athletic

championships, and even an acknowledgement of the “class that never was” and “the Rock.”

You will see it played on the school monitors during different school events and can follow it

on Facebook at Mt. Tabor Alumni and Friends.

In February we introduced a new service opportunity for students to earn honor cords at

graduation, a program called 50 for 50, where students complete fifty service hours to honor

the fifty years of Tabor’s history. The Dorian Scroll published a special 50th Anniversary

edition of the paper and published articles throughout the year celebrating the anniversary.

The yearbook for the 2015-2016 school year was a special edition 50th Anniversary yearbook.

In August 2016, our teachers will be burying a time capsule near the football field.

As you walk around the school, look for the timeline bulletin boards, a beautiful T-shirt quilt

and special historical items in the trophy cases.

Finally, mark your calendars for our Super Weekend anniversary celebration from September

29-October 1st. The weekend starts on Thursday evening, September 29, 2016, with the

induction of the Spartan Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Friday afternoon, September 30, 2016,

history will literally march down the street in our Homecoming Parade then join us for the

Food Truck Festival before the football team takes to the field to play against North Davidson.

The students will continue the celebration after the ballgame with a dance. We continue

the fun on Saturday, October 1, 2016, with a Golf Tournament at Winston Lake. To cap off

the year The Dorian Scroll, Tabor’s award-winning newspaper, will offer a special edition of

the newspaper in December of 2016 with a review of the year to wrap up the anniversary

celebrations. Join us for all of these wonderful opportunities to share the history and plan for

the bright future of Mount Tabor.


Spartan Legacy NEW THIS YEAR! — $2,500 and above in one year OR $5,000 lifetime donation. (please notify Spartan Legacy Campaign if you are approaching the lifetime level.)

  • Recognition engraved on a new Spartan Legacy Plaque which will hang in the halls of MTHS
  • $25 Spartanwear store certificate
  • VIP Football/Band Parking Pass
  • Performing Arts Season Pass
  • 10-Punch Sports Pass
  • Principal's Reception (Spring 2018)

Hardy Legacy (Nash Hardy — Principal 1965-84) — $1,000-$2,499

  •  $25 Spartanwear Store Certificate
  •  VIP Football/Band Parking Pass 
  •  Performing Arts Season Pass 
  •  10-Punch Sports Pass
  •  Principal’s Reception (Spring 2018)

Jessup Legacy (John Jessup — Principal 1984-91) — $500-$999

  •  $15 Spartanwear Store Certificate
  •  Choice of TWO: VIP Football/Band Parking Pass, Performing Arts Season Pass, OR 10-Punch Sports  Pass 
  •  Principal’s Reception (Spring 2018)
Chambers Legacy 
(Daisy Chambers — Principal 1991-92) — $250-$499
  • $10 Spartanwear Store Certificate
  • Choice of ONE: VIP Football/Band Parking Pass OR Performing Arts Season Pass OR 10-Punch Sports Pass
  • Principal’s Reception (Spring 2018)
Land Legacy 
(Martha Land — Principal 1992-2009) — $100-$249
  • $10 Spartanwear Store Certificate
  • Single Game Sports Pass OR Single Performance Arts Pass

Weiss Legacy (Ed Weiss — Principal 2009-Present) — $25-$99

  • Single Game Sports Pass OR Single Performance Arts Pass


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