01/02/96        Gold Coast, Australia           Douglas Jennings Park (Summersault)
01/05/96        Adelaide, Australia             Entertainment Center (Summersault)

01/07/96        Perth, Australia                Fremantle Oval (Summersault)
      Aud #1     ANA     Sony ECM-909a > Sony Walkman     Unkn     ??'     frencham     Unconfirmed source

01/08/96        Wellington, NZ                  Wellington Town Hall
01/09/96        Auckland, NZ                    Logan Campbell Center
01/14/96        Jakarta, Indonesia              E. Plaza Sports Complex
01/16/96        Singapore, Singapore            WTC Harbour Pavilion
01/18/96        Bangkok, Thailand               Hua Mark Indoor Stadium
01/20/96        Manila, Philippines             Folk Art Theater
01/22/96        Kowloon, Hong Kong              Queen Elizabeth Stadium

01/24/96        Tokyo, Japan                    Liquid Room 

01/27/96        Kawasaki, Japan                 Club Citta
    Aud #1     Unkn     Unknown Gear     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

03/15/96        Paris, France                   Canal + Studios -- Nulle Part Ailleurs
    Pro #1     VHS     TVB > Unknown VCR     Yes     6'     Tristan Ruellan     VHS(M)>VHS(1)>Flac24 are circulating. Text File.

03/18/96        Tilburg, Netherlands            Noorderligt
      Sbd #1a     Unkn     FMB > Unknown lineage     No     43'     Unknown     Incomplete only 7 songs out of order have surfaced. Probably sourced from "Sugar BAby" Bootleg. Unknown lineage>Shn are circulating (Text File)
Sbd #1b     ANA     FMB > NAD 614     No     43'     moort002     Same FM broadcast as Sbd #1a, on similar quality. Include interview with Thurston. ANA(M)>flac are circulating (Text File)

03/19/96        Gent, Belgium                   Vooruit
    Aud #1     ANA     Unknwon mic > Sony WM-D3     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

03/20/96        Gent, Belgium                   Vooruit
    Aud #1     DAT     Unknwon mic > Unknown DAT recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

03/21/96        Paris, France                   Le Zenith

03/22/96        Nantes, France                  L'escall
    Aud #1     ANA     Sony pc62 > Sony wm-d3     Yes     79'     Dimitroy     ANA(M)>CDR(1)>Flac are circulating (Text file)

03/24/96        Lyon, France                    Transbordeur
      Aud #1     MD     Unknown Mic > Unknown MD recorder     no     67'     Unknown     Starfield Road cut in. Eric's Trip and Bull in the Heather were also played before Starfield Road. They have also been recorded by the taper but the master MD doesn't exist anymore and no complete copy of this source seems to exist.

03/25/96        Toulouse, France                Le Confluent

03/27/96        Madrid, Spain                   La Riviera
    Aud #1     Unkn     Sbd > FMB > Unknown deck     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

03/28/96        Barcelona, Spain                Zeleste
    Aud #1     ANA     Unknown mic > Unknown analog recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

03/29/96        Marseille, France               Le Zenith
03/30/96        Modena, Italy                   Vox
03/31/96        Milan, Italy                    Rolling Stone
04/02/96        Zurich, Switzerland             Volkshaus
04/03/96        Munich, Germany                 Muffathalle
04/04/96        Vienna, Austria                 Messepalast
04/05/96        Prague, Czechoslovakia          Sky Club

04/07/96        Dusseldorf, Germany             Philipshalle -- Easter Festival
      Sbd #1     Unkn     TVB? >Unknown recorder     Yes     ??'     Unknown     Available on "Easter" bootleg and his clones - Probably Sourced from a television broadcast.
Pro #1a     VHS     TVB > Unknown VHS recorder     Yes     74'     friend     Better quality than Pro #1b - Sourced from a different tape than Pro #1b. DVD sourced from a master tape are circulating.
Pro #1b     VHS     TVB > Unknown VHS recorder     Yes     74'     Unknown     Sourced from a different tape than Pro #1a - DVD sourced from a master vhs and reauthored by Guilherme Carvalho are circulating.

04/08/96        Berlin, Germany                 Huxley's

04/09/96        Hamburg, Germany                Docks
    Aud #1     DAT     Sonic Studio mics > Unknown DAT recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

04/10/96        Frankfurt, Germany              Neu Isenburg
    Aud #1     DAT     Unknown mic > Unknown DAT recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

04/11/96        Utrecht, Netherlands            MCV

04/13/96        Manchester, England             Manchester Academy
    Aud #1     DAT     Unknown mic > Unknown DAT recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

04/14/96        Glasgow, Scotland               Barrowlands

04/15/96         London, England               MTV hanging out
      Sbd #1     Unkn      Sbd > TVB > Unknown recorder     Yes     ??'     Unknown      

04/17/96        London, England                 Forum

04/18/96        London, England                 Forum
    Aud #1     ANA     Unknown mic > Unknown analog recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

04/19/96        London, England                 Forum 

04/21/96        Bourges, France                 Bourges Festival

04/25/96        NYC, NY                         Late Night with Conan O'Brien
      Sbd #1     VHS     Sbd > TVB >Unknown VHS recorder     Yes     ??'     Unknown      
Pro #1     VHS     Pro Shot > TVB > Unknown VHS recorder     Yes     ??'     Unknown      

04/26/96        NYC, NY                         Roseland

04/27/96        Providence, RI                  Lupo's 

05/15/96        Mansfield, MA                   Great Woods

06/16/96        San Francisco, CA               Golden Gate Park
      Aud #1     DAT     Unknown mic > Unknown DAT recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source
Sbd #1     Unkn     Sbd > FMB? > Unknown deck     No     ??'     Unknown     Available on "Tibetan Power" Silver Bootleg. Has been edited between tracks and missing a part of Diamond sea.
Pro #1     Unkn     Pro Shot > Unknown recorder     No     8'     Unknown     Available on "Free Tibet" Official release. Only bull on the heather

08/19/96        Budapest, Hungary               Island Fest
08/21/96        Haifa, Israel                   City Hall Club
08/22/96        Tel-Aviv, Israel                Cinerama

08/23/96        Dronten, Holland                Lowlands Festival
    Sbd #1     ANA     Sbd > FMB > Unknown Analog recorder     No     9'     Unknown     Only mote and skink are present on the circulating recording from the FM broadcast. It seems that a more complete recording (around 30') exists.

08/24/96        Hasselt, Belgium                Pukkelpop Festival
      Aud #1     ANA     Unknown mic > Unknown analog recorder     Unkn     ??'     Unknown     Unconfirmed source

08/25/96        Berkshire, England              Reading Festival 

11/23/96        Las Palmas, Spain               Womad Festival