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Todd Garbison

Todd Garbison grew up in the world of sports. His dad was the president of a Little League, and after he was a player, Todd participated as a coach and umpire. During high school and college, he was an athletic trainer in the field of sports medicine, and continued to umpire games.

Since that time, he has been an official scorer for various pro leagues, as well as a Questec operator for Major League Baseball. His main love, though, is play-by-play. In the early 90's, Todd came up with the brainchild of letting people come to Phoenix Firebirds minor league games and doing fantasy play-by-play. He needed to make a demo tape to show the service to customers and realized that he wanted to be the one doing the play-by-play, and started his own business covering youth tournaments.

Hard work paid off over the years and Todd has covered over 6500 events in high school, college and pro level in 11 sports - not only the major sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey)...but even things like rodeo! Todd has been married 25 years to Marilee and has a 12-year old daughter, Shae. He loves to travel, read, and watch every episode of one old TV sitcom at a time.