Swiss Chorus Edelweiss

Salt Lake City, Utah


Welcome to the main web page for the Salt Lake Swiss Chorus Edelweiss.

We are a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Swiss music and activities in Utah (more information here). The organization consists of a singing and yodeling chorus, an alphorn group, small musical ensembles, and a children's chorus.

Upcoming events we'll be performing at or sponsoring:

  • We'll be performing as usual at the Salt Lake Living Traditions Festival. We'll be on the North Stage from 1:15-2:00 on Saturday, May 17th. Come enjoy the music! We'll also be operating our food booth at the festival; make sure to stop by and enjoy authentic Swiss delicacies!
  • This summer we'll be participating in the Tacoma 28th Pacific Coast Singing and Yodeling Festival (Sängerfest). Come join us! There will be plenty of singing, yodeling, dancing, banquets, and celebration for all---singers and non-singers alike. Tours and other special activities have also been organized for non-singers.
  • You're invited to participate or just sit in to enjoy our weekly rehearsals, held at the Hillside Stake Center which is at 1400 S. 1900 E. in Salt Lake City.
For further information or to schedule a performance email us at:
or call: 
   Eugen at (801) 489-9367 or Deryle at (801) 422-4067.