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Dear visitors,
 Hello, this is Adamas and it is my nick name in Korean swing dance scene. Mostly Korean dancers use a nick name, because 
swing dance clubs are based on online communities. My real name is 'KIM, Kang Seok' and it sounds like [gim, gaŋ sʌk] just in case.
 This site is for giving information about swing dancing in Korea. Nowadays, more dancers are visiting to Korea,
however there is not enough information in English. That is the reason why I made this site.
 Therefore I spent a lot of time for building up this site, because it dose not support the map with English at Google or 
others. So I hope this site helps as many swing dancers as possible.
 Also, I am very welcome you to donate for this site, then it will be a very helpful support to keep updating this site. 
Thank you for visiting.
 Have fun,

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              Also, this is my mobile phone number for urgency. 011-784-0595 (+82-11-784-0595).




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Starting Lindy Hop in 2003, Korea

[Year 2007]
Sep.~Oct. - L.A(CA, USA) 
                *ULHS(Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown) @Minneaplois(MN)

[Year 2008]
Jan.~Feb.  - Baltimore(MD, USA) / Washington, D.C(USA) / N.Y(NY, USA) / L.A(CA, USA) / Seattle(WA, USA)
                *Balboa Swing Festival @Seattle 

Feb.~Mar. - Vancouver(BC, Canada) / Denver(CO) / Houston(TX)                   
                *Rocky Mt. Balboa Blowout @Denver 
                *Southwest Lindyfest @Houston

Jul.           *Herrang Dance Camp week 3~4 (Sweden)
                *Jazz Jam & The Battle @Stockholm, Sweden

[Year 2009]
May.         *Golden week events @Tokyo(Japan)
                *Frankie's 95th Birthday Festival @N.Y(NY, USA)
[Year 2010]
Jul.          *Adamas' workshop @Tokyo(Japan)
               *Adamas' workshop @Osaka(Japan)
Sep.        *Adamas' workshop @Tokyo(Japan)
               *Osaka Lindy Exchange @Osaka(Japan)

[Year 2011]
Mar.        *Adamas' workshop @Tokyo(Japan)
May.       - London(England)
Jun.        *MSJF @Montpellier(France)
Oct.        *ULHS(Ulitmate Lindy Hop Showdwon @New Orleans(USA)
              - Seattle(WA, USA) / San Fransico(CA, USA)

cf.) - for social dance
     * for swing events

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