Sultan Wadud's CMALT ePortfolio

Contextual Statement 

This ePortfolio covers the requirements from the Guidelines for CMALT candidates and assessors and should be compiled in 6 months once registered as a candidate. If you are not an individual member of ALT, you will need to join prior to submitting your portfolio.

Contact and Employment Details

Sultan Wadud
 Contact Details:
 Job Title:
E-Learning Officer
Learning and Teaching Development (Formerly Academic Development Directorate)
SOAS, University of London
I have worked in a number of universities which include University of East London (UEL), King's College, London School of Economics (LSE) and Institute of Education (IoE) mainly within the area of administration and support. It was in 2013 that I changed career paths to become a VLE administrator at UEL that I acquired the experience and skills to kick start a career in E-Learning by obtaining a job as a E-Learning Officer at SOAS.
Prior to working in universities I have five years worth of experience working in retail as a supervisor and store trainer. 

Internet Computing in the Business Environment (Queen Mary, University of London) 2005
Information Technology (UEL) 2004

Contextual Statement

In order to set your portfolio and evidence in the context of your own role, please give a brief overview (around half a page and not exceeding one page) of:
  1. your background, skills and experience, including current or recent activities or roles relevant to this application for CMALT;
  2. why you are wishing to complete the CMALT accreditation and how
  3. this relates to your future career aspirations.  

1. I have a master's in Internet Computing in Business Environment as well as an IT degree which has further encouraged me to find a role that would utilise my academic background. I achieved the Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) in 2010.

Having worked across a number of universities I gained substantial experience in using e-learning platforms, such as Blackboard, Moodle, UEL Plus and how each university implements these within their teaching provision. I have also had experience of using WebCT as a university student.
My first experience working with learning environments came at King’s College in 2011 where I was administering and maintaining master's programmes on Blackboard.
However it was not until I moved to the IOE in 2012 as an administrator that I realised the full potential of a VLE when I came in contact with Moodle, which instantly grabbed my interest. Within 4 months I had become actively involved with Moodle from redesigning the programme pages to becoming a trainer of staff and students in the use of Moodle and Turnitin. I gained sufficient experience and skills as an administrator and at this point I realised that E-Learning was the career path I wanted to work in. Unfortunately no job opportunities to work within the E-Learning team arose whilst I was working at the IOE and after just over a year there, I changed jobs again when a VLE administrator role became available at my previous workplace, UEL. I saw this as a great opportunity to gain skills and experience in Moodle whilst further enhancing my CV.
After 8 months I used the experience gained from UEL to obtain my current role at SOAS as an E-Learning Officer.

2. By gaining the CMALT accreditation I will further my professional development by professionalising my role, whilst also being able to showcase and gain recognition for the work that I am doing. In addition it will help align my academic qualifications with the practical experience I have gained through all the roles I had at the various universities.
Finally, as this field is constantly changing with new developments I believe it is imperative to be part of the ALT community to network and share ideas with members who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in E-Learning .

3. I would like to continue developing my career in E-Learning and I believe that the CMALT 
accreditation is a solid stepping stone in that direction. I want to further enhance my skills and knowledge by attending online courses, MOOCs, focus groups, conferences and workshops. 

Legal Declaration

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements and evidence included in this submission accurately describe my practice and are drawn from my own work, with the input and support of others duly and clearly recognised.

Signed:  Sultan Wadud
Date: 01/11/15