The Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies (SVIMS) for Girls is a logical culmination of our Revered Founder's dream of empowering women students to take on leadership roles in society. The institution is inspired by the faith that, "In the new unfolding of India's destiny, women have to play an important part". As Sadhu Vaswani often said: The woman-soul will lead us upward, on!


    The SVIMS Library offers a conducive environment for research and reference. All textbooks and reference books recommended by the University are available  for reading and home-lending.We subscribe to several national and international journals. We also have a database of e-journals. Newspapers and Periodicals are available in the Reading Hall. Reprographic facilities and computers with internet connectivity are available in Library. We also have a separate digital library section with CDs , DVDs & Online Resources.