ACS20(3) is a subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Safety Performance and Analysis (ACS20) after the fusion of two former safety related committees after the 2020 annual meeting, the Highway Safety Performance Committee (ANB25), and the Safety, Data, and Analysis Committee (ANB20). This committee is concerned with the study of roadway safety. This includes the collection, maintenance and use of crash records and related roadway, road user, and vehicle data; the development of theories, analytical techniques, and evaluation methodologies for improving the understanding of roadway safety; and the application of these theories, techniques and methods to identify road user, vehicle and/or roadway-based treatments that will enhance roadway safety.

Recognizing the importance of surrogate measures of safety the members of ANB20 promoted the inception of the Surrogate Measures of Safety subcommittee in 2008 to promote and guide research and development on surrogate measures of traffic safety, the applications, validation, and implementation methods of such measures. Surrogate measures of safety are measures of road safety that do not rely on accident data, i.e. do not require to wait for accidents to happen. Examples include speed and indicators related to traffic conflicts such as time-to-collision (TTC) and post-encroachment time (PET).

Nicolas Saunier is the current chair of the subcommittee. Andrew Tarko established and led the committee until 2015. Please do not hesitate to get in touch by email if you have any question about the subcommittee and surrogate measures of safety.