Sunnyvale High School Class of ’71 Reunion

ATTENDING:  simply mail us the registration form and payment by September 2, 2016 (see below).
Extended Deadline to register is September 16, 2016.

Deadline for refunds is September 2,2016.

Please email your contact information to, so that we can contact you for the 50th reunion in 2021. 
  Include your:  Name, maiden name, email address, mailing address, cell phone & home phone numbers.
This will be an inexpensive, casual event ($10 per person).

Location: Sunnyvale area pizza parlor, exact location will be announced with email confirmation.

Date: Saturday, October 8 2016.

Time:  2:00-6:00 p.m. 

Event: Visit, talk, look at memorabilia and eat some pizza.

Dress: Casual to business casual.

Registration and prepayment are required, no at door purchases.

HELP US -->> Spread the word, send the link to friends and classmates!
                or   email:
Please NOTE:
Friday, October 7, 2016 will be The Kings Academy (SHS campus) football game. Kings Academy invites Sunnyvale Alumni to come watch the game at night under lights! Time TBD.


REGISTRATION FORM:  October 8, 2016  -  Sunnyvale High School Class of 1971 Reunion
    How many will be attending?  Please circle appropriate number.

        __1_One person:  please submit a check for $10.

        __2_Two people: (two maximum, you and 1 significant other). Two people, please submit a check for $20.

Make check payable to: Sunnyvale High School Class of 1971 Reunion
    CHECK # _________  Amount $________ Date________  Make two copies, one to mail, one for your records.
    Be sure to update your email.
    Name: ________________________________________________________

    Maiden name:  ___________________________________________________

    *Email: ___________________________________________________________

    Mailing address: __________________________________________________

    City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________

    Phone: (home)___________________________     (cell)____________________

Send registration and check to:
        SHS '71 Reunion
        C/O Tim
        909 Amador Ave
        Sunnyvale, CA 94085

You will receive an email to notify you of the reunion location as well as to confirm your payment and registration.
Please bring this confirmation to the reunion.     
* If you do NOT list an email address, please include a self-addressed STAMPED envelope with your registration form and payment, so that we can snail mail your confirmation to you.

Contact information:
Mark Pool 408-718-2764  Linda Rodenbaugh 408-242-1310 
Tim Giltz 408-396-0037  Jerry Brager 408-314-3330  
Kathy (Hom) Rice