Picture Album

Photos of Historic Buildings and Other Selected Sites Around Summerton, S.C.

Entering Summerton, S.C.

Summerton Town Hall

Fort Watson Memorial

Francis Marion Murals, Summerton

Liberty Hill A.M.E. Church

Summerton Baptist Church

Clarendon Hall School

Lord Clarendon Hotel and Gas Station, 1950

Stores in Downtown Summerton

Summerton United Methodist Church

First Citizens Bank, Summerton

View at Santee National Wildlife Refuge

Summerton Motel #1 & #2 Post Card

Summerton Masonic Lodge

Christmas Boat Parade - 2014

Lenora's Santee Resort Inn

Historic Senn's Mill, Blacksmith, and

Orange Crush Bottling Plant

Clothe Stores in Downtown Summerton

Summerton Fire Station

#4 Main Street - Community Events

Latest Swamp Fox Mural - 2016

Summerton Pharmacy

Days Inn, Summerton

Old Summerton Post Office

Summerton Home

ProBrass Factory

Downtown Summerton - Early 1950's

Lake Marion After Sunset

Lake Marion Snowy Sunset 2018

Summerton's 'Duckfest' Celebration

Summerton Home

Summerton Veterans Memorial

Summerton Executive Bldg.

Santee Indian Mound

American Eagle, Summerton

North Shore Condos, Lake Marion

Polly's Landing & Marina, Lake Marion

Summerton Cultural Center

Francis Marion Mural

Summerton Episcopal Church

Jerry's Barber Shop

Entrance to Goat Island Marina

Piggly Wiggly in Summerton

Summerton S.C. Water Tower

Godwin's Esso Gas Station

Scotts Branch High School

Cotton Fields Outside Summerton

Palmetto Shores RV Campground

More Downtown Summerton Stores

Bank of Clarendon

Summerton & Lake Marion Road Sign

Summerton Spring Fling Car Show

Lake Marion Artisans Gallery

Lake Marion - Striped Bass Sign

Goat Island Homes

Americab Legion Tank

Summerton Downtown Parade

America's Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Welcome to Summerton S.C.

Summerton Diner

Francis Marion Mural, Downtown Summerton

View of Goat Island, Lake Marion

J.D. DuBose Center, Summerton

Sanford & Son Antiques, Summerton

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Downtown Summerton in 1908

Downtown Summerton 1940's

Evergreen Cemetery, Summerton

Alligator, Santee Wildlife Refuge

Taw Caw Misiionary Baptist Church

Summerton Presbyterian Church

Map of Clarendon County, S.C.

Carolina King Campground & Marina

Summerton Police Department

Summerton - Snow Storm 1973

Anne Custis Burgess Home

First Citizens Bank & Mural

Lake Marion, Bridge & Cyprus Tree

Summerton Police Force

Scotts Branch HS Mascot

Old Summerton Town Hall

Railroad Mural

Swamp Fox Mural

Fourth of July on Lake Marion

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