Theme - Molecular BioPhotonics and Imaging

Areas of expertise: Surface enhanced spectroscopic techniques, biomolecular and non-linear imaging, multiphoton microscopy techniques, bioimaging, bioanalytical chemistry, nano-materials in biology, healthcare diagnostics.


Our overarching aim is to research, develop and apply photonics-based tools to increase our understanding of biological systems and improve medical diagnostics and therapeutic interventions. Thus we do spectroscopy and imaging, make nanomaterials, build measurement setups (optical/microscopic), develop methods (label-free, fluorescence/confocal, Raman, electrochemical etc.) and apply combinations of these. The research in the group is therefore highly inter-disciplinary and highly collaborative.

I would be keen to hear and discuss exciting research projects with prospective researchers. See our Open Positions for existing opportunities and Publications for some of our recent work.

Majority of our labs are in the Institute of Life Sciences (IfLS). The IfLS is part of the University of Southampton's cross-faculty initiatives and research strategy to foster and catalyse interdisciplinary research, enterprise and education. A number of Projects and Opportunities are available in my group in the areas of Non-linear label-free imaging for biomedicine, Biosensors and healthcare diagnostics and Plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy. Our expertise span these areas and include Raman based spectroscopy and imaging techniques (such as coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering - CARS). Our group's work ethos is based on the understanding of the interface with life sciences which allows addressing biomedical challenges but also helps develop and innovate on techniques themselves for addressing those challenges.

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