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Sukkah Family

Dear Reader, I would like to introduce you to the  Sukkah Family.  The family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Sukkah, the three Sukkah children, and the Sukkah dog. Their hats look like, well, I am sure you would not be surprised to hear this, their hats look like...like Sukkahs, of course. The Sukkah family is happiest when they are   able to sleep and eat in a Sukkah, theirs or yours.  I understand they roam around town in a boxy vehicle known as the Sukkahmobile, which looks like a...
I  know that The Sukkah family will be having some interesting experiences. They  will  consult the wise men of Chelm in their search for knowledge about the meaning of the holiday of Sukkot.  The Sukkah family will  spend part of  the holiday on the Moon. My friends in Shanghai, China, assure me that the Sukkah family has promised to visit them during Hol Hamoed, and that a Sukkah is ready.  The family had a mix-up  with the date in the spring and  built their Sukkah and slept in it during Passover.  No one had the heart to call this to their attention.  Dear reader, I trust that you will not embarrass the Sukkah family by mentioning this misadventure.
Readers, I need your help. Please tell me if you have seen or heard from the Sukkah family. What have then been up to?
Aaron Ginsburg, Sharon, Ma

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