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This page is dedicated to Late and beloved Sensei T.K. Rajan 5th Dan Black Belt, S K I F OF JAPAN.

Late & Ex Chief Instructor of India

Sensei T.K. Rajan started Judo training in Constitution Club of Parliament House of Delhi in July 1968.Thier students were Member of Parliament of India. After that he went to Modern School of BaraKhamba Road, Indian Institute of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, Lady Shri Ram College, Saint Stephen College and so many places to teach Judo.

He started to learn Karate in 1977 from an Australian Karate Instructor (JKA) named Hains. He found Delhi Karate Association in 1979 and Sensei Anil Sinha of JKA was the Technical Director and Sensei T.K. Rajan was General Secretary.  In 1982 He joined Shotokan Karate International and got Shodan from Kancho Herokazu Kanazawa. In 1994 he got (Godan) 5th degree Black Belt from Head quarter of SKIF in Japan when Kancho Herokazu Kanazawa, Sensei Haituee of Mauritius country and sensei Shikawa took their exam and passed him for the same.

It was Sensei Rajan, who introduced Judo & Karate in North India in 1968. In 1994, graded by Kancho 5th Dan has a most respectful place in the heart of all Judokas & karatekas, In 1998 the 'Tiger' fallen down with 2 times brain hemorrhage and then paralyses attack; he was on bed since then.. not only in N.India but the entire nation those who does belong to Shotokan Karate must aware of Sensei Rajan.. He only introduced 'Kancho' to us. Sensei Rajan introduced SKI and gave it a height in North India.. He imparted training to famous politicians such as Mr. Rahul Gandhi etc, models, film personalities, Industrialists, nos. of embassies. He always followed and taught us Kancho's learnings and principles.. 

In 1976 he started Judo and Karate at Pandara Road Community Hall, Near India Gate. It was really a popular place for Karate training in Delhi. There were two classes in Morning and evening and near about 450 to 500 students takes lessons of karate from Sensei T.K.Rajan. This numbers of students increased to 800 to 1000 in one session of Karate in summer vacations.


Many member Parliaments, High commission Members, Film Stars and their family members Like Abhishek Bachchan, Shaweta Bachchan, comes to learn from Sensei T.K. Rajan. Rahul Gandhi, son of Late Prime Minister of India also a student of Sensei T.K. Rajan. Film star Mithun Chakroborthi was also Member of shotokan karate International Federation of Japan.


At that time Pandara Road Club was super in Karate as well as in Judo in North India. Best karate students among were Rajesh Ahuja (ex General Secretary for Japan Karate Association of India and North India chief, ex Joint Secretary for All India Karate do Federation), Bharat Sharma General Sectetary of KARATE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA / WORLD KARATE FEDERATION ( former treasurer for All India Karate do Federation), Hussain Khan (Iran), Satnam Singh Happy, Davender Aggarwal, Arvind Katiyar of U.P., Ramesh, Mukul, Thapar, Atul, Munish Kumar, Harmeet Singh, Rajeev Sabharwal, Dalip Kumar and Sukhdev Singh of Punjab.

In karate Mohny, Raja, Vicky, Thapa, Mukul, Srikant, Happy Singh, Ramesh, Devender, Savitri, Harmeet Singh, and in Judo kamal Panjwani, Rajiv Seth, B C Gurudutt, Manjeet Arya, Hemant Sareen, Randhir Saini, Naresh Sharma, Madhu Sudan Pawar(Kaka) Virender Vashisht, Late Suresh Kumar(passed away 6th July2011)and Hukum Chand Bhasker, my self are senior players and all holding Black belt.


Great and best Judo players of that time were Paramjit Singh, Manjit Arya,  Late Gurudutt (Secretary to Amitabh Bacchan film star), Hemant sareen, Randhir Singh saini, Virender Vashishat, Naresh Sharma, Manmohan Sharma and Nigam and others


Especially he thanks to Arjun Thapar, owner of JCT Mills, Phugwara. He was the only person at the time of his illness in 1998 when he comes daily to hospital and paid all his hospital bills for three months.


Sensei T.K. Rajan always said “Karate should be practiced truly not financially”.