Subir Halder

Postdoc Fellow

Department of Mathematics, University of Padua

Room No: 500, 5th Floor, Corridor AB

via Trieste 63, 35121 Padova, Italy

Email: subir.halder@math.unipd.it, sub.halder@gmail.com

I am currently a PostDoc fellow under the supervision of Professor Mauro Conti in the Security and PRIvacy Through Zeal (SPRITZ) research group at the Department of Mathematics, University of Padua. Here, I am working in a project on Security in Connected Cars funded by a prominent international company. My research interest is in security and privacy for wireless resource-constrained networks (e.g., WSNs). In particular, I am interested in designing low communication, computation and storage overhead based security scheme for resource-constrained nodes which will fulfill the level of robustness essential for such networks. I am also interested in the design of protocols and architecture for wireless systems targeted towards deployment in the third world. Besides earlier areas, I am also interested in the following:

      • Security and Privacy in IoT, WSN, CAN

      • Network Survivability in Wireless Sensor Networks

      • Homomorphic Encryption

      • Energy Efficient Network Protocols and Algorithm Design

      • Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

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