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Dave 'StyrofoamKing' Joria's Fan-site for Mordheim

Not all the material on this site has been properly played-tested. Each entry has one of three tags, Untested, Half-Tested, and Tested.  Please send your feedback: we’d love  to upgrade an entry based on your group’s findings!

Update: 9/29/20 – Warbands - Updated new and older warbands.

Update: 1/18/11 – Warbands & Links  - Made small changes to Bretonnian Chapel Guard in the new Warbands section.

Update: 12/8/11 – Sages & Mages V0.2  - Amended the Sages and Mages PDF- now includes Arabyan Elemental Lores and with Marks for all Casters.

Update: 9/9/11 – Storm of Magic Bestiary & Advanced Rules  - The Storm of Magic Campaign is now running on raw power, with a new Bestiary section!
Update: 9/7/11 – Sages & Mages  -Presenting the Sages and Mages PDF.  Whether used as a source for spell-wielding Replacement Heroes or just a way to spice old some old Hired Swords, this is the pdf for you! Also, it works PERFECTLY with the Storm of Magic Campaign.


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