We offer a range of grooming services from top to tail, all based within a stress free home envrionment.
We use professional dog grooming shampoos that are suitable for all types of coats.
Specialising in:
*Correct dog handling
*Bathing and blow drying
*Scissoring and blending all breeds
*Micro chipping
*Control and treatment of parasites and skin problems
*Correct shampoo and conditioneer for all coat types
*Anti Shedding Treatment
Our prices are for a full top-to-toe service, including attention to nails and dew claws, armpit region, hair removed from between the pads and the ear canal, groin cleaned the coat being fully groomed before bathing. The full bathing is then followed by a conditioner, drying, then styling either by grooming, clipping or scissoring.
There is a very effective flea bath available but this is optional
 If you require a service not listed, then please ask.
Do you have a busy life, ?? Dont have the time spare to drop of your dog's, ??
No problem, we cater for Local collection which is available for a small charge.  Please call Style A dog and see if we are able to help you with collection or home delivery

Grooming Bath, Brush & Dry

The grooming service follows a similar pattern for each dog. On arrival, the dog is checked for abrasions, lesions, matting or skin conditions and a dated consent form will need to be signed, detailing the grooming and finish required. Data records will be kept to ensure all grooming procedure notes are retained for the ongoing care of your dog and for subsequent visits.

Your dog will then be bathed in ‘appropriate for coat’ shampoo and be conditioned if necessary (thick undercoats).

If your dog is badly matted, it may be necessary to remove the matting using electric clippers prior to the grooming process – we seek your consent before undertaking such a procedure.

After the wash, your dog is then dried using a ‘blaster’ that rids the coat of excess water and then carefully salon-dried using fine brushes that suit coat type and the size of dog. As much excess undercoat is removed at this stage, it serves to reduce future matting and moulting.

If you have any questions at all about this or any other of our dog grooming services, or if you would like to make an appointment Please give us a call on Wakefield Tel: 01924 898204

Clip and Trim

Clipping is recommended around every six to eight weeks and carried out entirely to the preference of the owner; however we offer advice on cuts and styling for that particular breed or type, with pictorial examples of what to expect.
For example, if your Cocker Spaniel loves jumping in muddy puddles, he should probably have a much shorter coat and skirt than one who prefers to sit on the doorstep looking pretty! It’s all about what suits you and what suits the dog and his or her character.
We always complete grooming with nails clipped, ear and health check, and scissor-finish all coats for a clean and tidy line with no clipper marks.


Scissoring is a skilled procedure often used for show dogs and those coats with a lot of bounce and curl such as Samoyeds, Poodles, Bichon-Frise and Pomeranians.
The scissoring technique allows the groomer to shape the coat in such a way to accommodate the ‘curl’ and create a smooth but perfectly fluffy appearance that will look as good wet or dry.
Scissoring does not remove as much hair as clipping and is ideally carried out every 4-5 weeks.
It does take longer than clipping and this specialist finish is reflected in the price.


Health Check

A health check is carried out as a matter of procedure and we are trained in spotting the most common ailments and problems that occur in dogs:
  1. Ears – (we only pluck the hair of non-moulting and wire-haired breeds)
  2. Eyes
  3. Nose
  4. Teeth and Oral Hygiene Check
  5. Nails and Dew Claws – Clipping if necessary
  6. Skin and Coat – Fleas, Parasites, Allergies, Eczema
  7. Anal Glands – Advice provided
We will never administer any chemical treatments (e.g. flea drops) to your dog without your consent.
We will always alert you to any health problems we may discover and advise you of any action or veterinary care required.

Your dog is valuable. He may not have cost you a lot of money but you love him and want to protect him from being stolen or lost. A dog can easily escape the house or garden, run away off-lead or be chased away by other dogs, and, unfortunately, the police can no longer offer assistance in the retrieval of your pet. Microchipping is a procedure which permanently identifies your dog so they can be returned home quickly and safely.
Microchips are certified rapid identification via universal scanners used by most Veterinary Surgeons, the RSPCA, Dogs’ Homes and local authorities. Once chipped, your pet and your own details are registered with the Pet Protect ID Microchip registry, open 24 hours and 7 days a week. When your pet is found, it will be scanned and they will contact you immediately.

The dog should feel no more discomfort from a microchip implant than from a conventional injection. Microchipping uses Radio

Frequency (RFID) technology and cannot be tampered with, fade or be removed. The chip is deposited mid-line into the fatty area between the shoulder blades.

The needle houses the microchip and is therefore larger than a conventional needle; however, a clever design allows it to incise the skin easily with very little discomfort. Some dogs whimper and others don’t seem to feel a thing! It takes seconds however and is well worth any short-lived canine objections!