Stranger Services

            Your source for secret expression.

My goal for this site is to become your conduit for experiences and expression that you’ve always kept to yourself. I hope to be the person that provides the security of a best friend with the freedom provided by a stranger. I want to help you find and express thoughts and desires that you’ve held so tight that you may not have even explored them fully.

            This website and my services are built by me and primarily for me. My hope is that my interests are similar to yours and that you will find some value in this site.

            My goals for this site are to reach and connect with as many people as possible and to promote the services that I offer.

            I intend to present ideas that are dear to me personally in hopes that you have similar ideas.

            The subject area of my website is primarily the idea of sharing and connecting and ultimately experiencing things that are almost always kept to one’s self. I want to help you to share and do things with someone that you never thought possible. There are a number of ways to accomplish this and what you’re looking for will determine what exactly I can offer you. Please have a look around. I hope you find something that interests you.

            Feel free to email me anytime @

            The main service that I offer and am trying to promote with this website is my weekend FLY AWAY. Please check it out. If it’s something that interests you, please contact me.

            I'm Not A Salesman 

Anyone with a mind of their own has thoughts and feelings they keep to themselves. I’m the perfect solution to expose and experience everything you could never share with anyone. 90% of people will think this service is stupid. Those people also post every thought they’ve ever had on facebook. Other people will appreciate my service as a solution to lifelong problem. We all have questions that have never been answered from is there a god? To what is my purpose in life? To how does it feel to be someone else? We all have desires and thoughts that we never share with anyone like “I hate my boss.” (Okay we probably don’t hide that one) “My kids annoy me.” “I’ve always had this fantasy that I would love to talk about with someone but have been too embarrassed to ever share it.” Or “I just want someone to watch a movie with me.”

I will provide the perfect place to share or explore any secret you’ve ever kept. I provide the perfect combination of companionship and privacy. As you explore my site and get to know me, you will see that I’ve had the same secret or same type of questions that you would like to explore. You will see that my interest is perfectly aligned with yours in that I truly want to finally confront these desires you’ve always carried. You will also realize that I have the same interest in keeping these private that you do. The whole point of my service is that you may experience complete freedom to do or say anything with the knowledge that no one that you know will ever know any of this. These are the things that you have never even shared with your best friend or your spouse. You want to share these things with someone but don’t want to risk someone having power over you because of the private thoughts you’ve shared with them, or for them to change their opinions of you because of the information shared. Because of these risks you’ve decided to just keep them to yourself for life. The only capacity I will ever know you is in this circumstance for this exact reason. My only interest is in serving you the best I can by creating the safest and most secure environment for you to share what you need to share. My success is perfectly aligned with your interests and your success. I guess my position is really best described as your second self. I’m not you but I am you in the sense that my interests are indistinguishable from yours. I’m someone else, but if you win I win, you fail I fail, with no contingencies.