Another World

An action-filled novel that combines Biblical and scientific themes with heart-racing adventure. Traveling by mag-sled to the shipyards of Zohan, Japh overnights in a bronto-infested floating forest. A scream in the night, a sudden crash of devastation, and flight becomes the only option, beginning a stunning chain of events which will change not only his life, but the entire course of history. At every turn, evil has flooded the earth. Unbridled deceit, immorality, murder and mayhem leave the godly remnant in dire straights with constant peril the only certainty. As the earth is shaken, its very survival and the fate of humanity hang in the balance.



Creation Science DVDs

7 talks on DVD:

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How did Turtle get his shell?

by Philip and Angela Stott

An Origins workbook for open-minded people.

  • Guides learners to evaluate biological issues related to the question of origins in a fair-minded, critical manner.

  • The only resource tailor-made for the South African curriculum which gives fair exposure to both Evolution and Intelligent Design.

  • Covers the origins section in the South African FET Life Sciences (LS) curriculum.

  • Develops critical thinking skills.

96 pages

R50 per book

Sample pages:


Cancer: Cause and Cure

A highly readable 34-page booklet about Philip's

personal story of triumph against cancer, and the lessons he learnt, in the process, about diet and healthy living. Promotes the Budwig Diet. Download book for free.

About Philip

Dr Philip Stott (BSc, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD) is a world-renowned authority and public speaker on Origins. He is also a practicing civil engineer and author. He lives in Bloemfontein.