Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Officer is the current chair of the society.

SADS only keeps personal data on people with an interest in the society including, but not limited to, paid-up members.

This data comprises (where available):


e-mail address

Telephone numbers

Postal address

Date last paid subscription (if any)

This data is used only to inform people on the list about matters relating to SADS and record who has paid membership subscriptions. The data is stored securely on shared storage and can only be accessed by the secretary and the data protection officer. Other society members can ask either the secretary or the data protection officer for information about who is on the list but do not have access to the data. Anyone who wishes to know whether they are on the list, inspect their details, change their details, or be removed from the list, can e-mail the data protection officer at

Each year following the annual general meeting the data protection officer or secretary will e-mail everyone on the list and ask them to confirm that they wish to remain on the list and/or notify SADS of any changes. If someone on the list has not confirmed by the following AGM their details will be permanently removed from the list.