Monthly Meetings 2017

Date Subject Speaker 
 9th January Observing Evening  
 21st January (Sat) Observing Evening   
 6th February Observing Evening  & AGM
 18th February (Sat)Observing Evening  
 6th March Observing Evening  
 18th March (Sat)Observing Evening  

 3rd April 

Human Behavior in Space: Prospects for Interstellar Travel & the Need for Space Medicine

Martin Braddock

 8th May The science and beauty of nebulae                
Professor Carolin Crawford
 5th June

 3th July

 7th August

 4th September

 2nd OctoberObserving Evening  
 21st October (Sat)Observing Evening  
 6th NovemberObserving Evening  
 18th November  (Sat)Observing Evening  
 4th DecemberObserving Evening  
 16th December (Sat)Observing Evening