The cemetery ground, around 45 acres, was purchased in 1877 by the congregation of St. Matthew U.C.C. The first internment was in April of 1878. Our chapel was built in 1887. In 1892, a residence was built for the superintendent; the current residence / office was erected in 1961. The cemetery has had 12 superintendents; Louis Spiekemann, H. Huelsmann, Henry Schmidt, August Oberfeld, J. A. Schmiemier, O. Friede, Anton Wagner, Henry Wiedemueller, Lorenz Erb, Herman Brand, Ray Brand, and the current superintendent Gary Kratz. The chapel at one time had a much taller steeple with a large bell that would be tolled for each funeral, but a storm had taken off the top portion, damaging the structural integrity, and has been repaired down to its current height.