Our Belief


§ GOD: is Triune-Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Three persons-One Divine Essence. He is the only True God.

§ THE MESSIAH: Jesus, God's eternal Son, took on human flesh to keep the demands and commands of God perfectly, and to offer Himself willingly to suffer and die on a Cross to pay for the sins of all people.

§ SIN: All mankind is born in sin. By nature man is spiritually blind, dead, and an enemy of God and would be lost forever without Christ.

§ SALVATION: We are saved through a personal faith relationship with Christ. Jesus is the only Lord and Savior. Coming to faith by grace through Christ is entirely the work of the Holy Spirit.

§ RESURRECTION: Jesus, the Eternal Christ, physically rose from the dead on the third day, and now rules as the King of kings. When earth's history comes to an end, (Judgement Day) Christ will return in glory and raise up all the dead; the believers to eternal life and the unbelievers to eternal damnation. His arrival will be sudden and unexpected.

§ SCRIPTURE: The Living Word is inspired by God and given to us without error.

§ CREATION: The Word of God brought all things into being as described in Genesis. Adam and Eve were special creations of God, Evolution is unscriptural, unscientific, and unnecessary.

§ SACRAMENTS: God the Holy Spirit works through the Word and Holy Baptism (to bring new life in faith by grace) and the Lord's Supper (to offer forgiveness, power, and assurance in the True Body and Blood of Christ to those who share this faith fellowship and life as disciples of Christ).

§ LIFE: All human life from conception to natural death is sacred and always precious and protected.

§ MISSION: It is the mission of every Christian to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, as Savior and Lord, to the whole world.