St. Genesius Theatre Society

James and the Giant Peach

Friday school show 1pm

Thursday rehearsal at 2:00 for 
All insects, Izzy, Dora and James x2 
Stay through to evening show-bring all your costume/hair/makeup pieces. 
Pizza will be provided for those coming in at 2

For the rehearsal
By learning the following;

Izzy and Dora 
 1) floating along reprise - (ending as is)
2)Everywhere That You Are

Insects/James:1)Property of S&S
2) Money On That Tree

3) James- on your way home

Thank you for all your good work!

all the rest of the 6-7-8 grade at 4:30 then the 4th and 5th at 6:15

5:30 call for Stage Crew
Run Crew: Please check the website tomorrow morning as updated are above. Please download the updated notes and study before you arrive at 5:30.

Friday March 23rd 7:30 Show time. Call time 6-7-8 6:00pm 4th and 5th 7:00

Saturday March 24th 2:00 show time call time 6-7-8 12:30 4th and 5th grade 1:30pm
7:30 show time   Call time 6-7-8 grade 6:00pm. 4th and 5th grade 7:00pm

Snack bar donation sign up link

We will be selling Candy Grams at the snack bar during all of our shows for $2.  Surprise your favorite actor or crew member with a special treat.

Cast Party
The Cast Party will be held on Sunday, March 25, from 5pm to 7pm in the school cafeteria. We hope all the cast and crew can join us as we celebrate our production of James and the Giant Peach! We will enjoy pizza and cake while we watch the video of our show.  RSVP regrets only to or Thank you.

Tech week
Sign up genius link for parent help

Makeup for everyone (Boys too!) is blush and red lipstick. 
Dhalies: Please wear your hair straight with the top pulled back off your face. You may add purple eye makeup if you want. 
All boys: neat hair, think school picture day.
4th and 5th grade girls: neat low ponytails or braids.
All 6th-8th grade girls: please wear your hair how your primary characters(s) would. i.e Garden Ladies/Wealthy Ladies should be very polished, maybe some curls. Vagrants should be messy and wild. Reporters/Agents should be neat and professional. Madelines/Oompas- two french braids.

Polly Turner 610-742-8917 (cell/text)

Jen Yeats     757-286-0006 (cell/text)


The Production of James and the Giant Peach Costume Department


To all cast members: Costume preparation

(Named Characters please contact Jen Yeats or Polly Turner for specifics) 


1. We will ask each cast member to provide a base costume.

The base costumes will be listed by character and grade so look under Character Ensemble for specific details. These will be the parts of your costume we really need you to acquire. 


2. We will be asking for “add on items”

The add on items will also be listed under your Character CastIf you don’t have these items at home that’s OK we have some to share. These are the extra items  we will be using to finesse the characters.


3. We will be looking for donations for our wish list bin. We have a wish list of specific items that will be included as well as the add on items, that we are for looking for to complete our Characters. We ask that theses item are a donation. So please don’t lend us Great Grandpa’s Civil war uniform. 



Character Ensemble 


4th and 5th grade girls

Base costume: 

Top: Long sleeve black turtle neck (no logos)

Bottom: long black leggings

Shoes: black (black laces)


4th and 5th grade boys

Base costumes:

Top: long sleeve black turtle neck tee (no logos)

Bottom: long black pants (no sweat pants)

Shoes: black (black laces)


4th and 5th graders will be provided a pair of white gloves. It is important that their costume base is all black.



6th grade girls (sea gulls)

Base costume: 

Top: light gray long sleeve crew neck T-shirt. We will be altering the t-shirts by adding feathers. 

Bottom: light gray leggings  

Shoes: light pink or buff ballet flats


6th grade boys (sharks)

Base costume: 

Top: Plain long sleeve gray crew t-shirt (no logos)

Bottom: dark gray, baseball pants are a good choice. Don’t worry they will not be altered in any way. 

Shoes: black


Garden Guild

Bright floral print dresses. Add ladies gloves, pearls, large ladies hats. 


Hollywood agents

Black suits, girls can wear a black skirt and white button down shirt, sunglasses, black shoes.



Brown cheap rumpled suits, suspenders, white oxford shirts rolled sleeves, Khaki trench coat, fedora hats, brown shoes.



Boys: Dark Pants, Henley or long sleeve cotton shirt, fingerless gloves, news boy or jeff caps.

Girls: Dark drab dresses, head scarves, aprons, dark shoes


**if your actors costume is not listed please contact Polly Turner or Jen Yeats


WISH LIST: looking for the following items

Jeff caps, Fedoras, Gentlemen style hats

Housedresses, Police Costume, Ugly robes, Hawaiian shirts

SuspendersBow Ties, sunglasses (cat eyes style)