Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Way way back many centuries ago...

Dear cast and crew of "joseph ",

Hi there!

Couldn't help but think that this Saturday we would have been starting tech week. It kind of feels strange to have our rehearsals and stage crew jobs so abruptly stopped. So I wanted to share with you this article about a New York actress who realized how disappointed so many theatre kids were to have their shows canceled! ( Thanks to Fr Kevin, ours is just postponed !) She had kids put their songs on her Facebook page .. the girl from Haverford high was on ! and so many people are watching -Including lin Manuel Miranda, the writer, and performer of hamilton.

During this "downtime " I really want you to practice your music and choreography every day. We have no idea when we will do the show .. BUT it may be that Fr Kevin calls and says will go on this weekend and it will be 3 days away .. we don't want you to forget all the work you did so far. And if you don't know it are really really talented and this show will be awesome. When you sang for Fr. Kevin, it made us so very proud.

So get going ... red and yellow and.......

Mrs. Ostick

Mary Agnes Ostick DNP, CRNP

Assistant Director

Villanova University Student Health Center

Villanova, PA 19085




Father Kevin met with the cast and crew tonight to inform them of the Parish Council and Parish Finance Committee's decision to POSTPONE -NOT CANCEL- the show.

We felt that it was important the cast and crew were notified first.

The date has not been decided at present time.

The production team along with the Parish will look at available weekends in the coming weeks.

As soon as a decision is made, you will be notified.


Please use YOUR SCRIPT and THIS version of Joseph, (like below) to practice your songs. Then, DOWNLOAD THE SHOW Karaoke MUSIC according to the instructions posted here.

additional Costume:

  • 4th grade- plaid shirt, jeans, jean skirt, or demin overalls, cowboy boots only if you have them, if not your school shoes are fine
  • Camel Girls- (Gormely, Foley, Fahy, Riehl) camel color ot tan leggings
  • Jospeh- long blue pants white long sleeved button down school shirt
  • Blues Brothers - Black pants
  • Wives- dark colored type of long scarf or blanket


  • 4th and 5th Grade - navy blue shorts, skirt or skort, white button down long or short sleeved shirt - any collar style, white knee socks, brown schhol style shoe. Navy school shorts, white button down shirt, school shoes, knee socks - Please do not purchase anything - we have permission from the used uniform store to borrow what is needed.
  • 6th grade- long black pants (tights and sweatpants are fine), long sleeved black t shirt- no writing (can be worn inside out), black shoes and black socks
  • 7th and 8th grade - you will be given costumes, your base will depend on your character and the number you are in. Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Peabody will let you know what you need to have.
  • 7TH and 8th GRADE GIRL Costumes:

-Long plain dresses or long plain skirt and plain blouse. Colors should be earthy (browns, blues, greens,)

-brown leather-ish sandals

-large scarves (pashmina)

7th and 8th GRADE BOYS AND ALL BROTHERS Costumes:

-simple twill pants (khaki) or linen pants browns

-button down shirts / blouses no collar if you have an old button down we can cut off the collar. Tunics

-brown sandals or boots

COSTUME CHAIR PERSON: Polly Turner and Mary Beth Peabody

Polly can be reached at 610-742-8917 ( )

*** WISH LIST ***

  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • white and light blue sheets
  • wood chairs (3-4)
  • medium and large Egyptian looking baskets of shapes and sizes
  • large ratan fans (like servants would use to fan cleopatra)
  • 2-3 palm trees
  • Black suit jackets (5) black ties (5) and fedora hats (5)

Please contact Mrs. Clinton if you have any of the items on our wish list.

Parent letter : See Below for letter

venmo - Cathy-Clinton-1

Song: Benjamin’s CalypsoVideo clip - track-
Song: One More Angel in Heaven Video clip: track
Song: Those Canan DaysVideo Clip: track:

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat