Welcome To My Hack Section
Please note my game version is The Sims Complete Collection, use them in your own risk if you don't have all Expansion Pack installed.

No Jealousy For Stereo Dance

This hack will prevent jealousy from dancing together and all actions in this .iff file.

It also remove the annoying "collect child" dialog show up if you have many kids visitor in your lot everyday, they will just leave the lot without dialog when times up.

Extract the SocialInteractions.iff to root directory /The Sims/GameData/Objects

No Jealousy For Cake Entertainer Actions

No more jealousy when House Party Cake Entertainer do action with your sims, so enjoy to watch them with your lovers in same room.

Extract the EntertainerSI.iff to root directory /The Sims/ExpansionPack2

No Jealousy For Give Gift

Prevent jealousy from giving gift to other sims.

Please contact me if your sims still jealous in certain activity even you have installed the No Jealousy Patch in game.

Extract the HDSI_Give.iff to root directory /The Sims/ExpansionShared

No Relationships Decay For Sims1

Tired for spent too much time just interacting with your friends to prevent the lost friend dialog show up? Normally the relationship points decrease 2 at 4pm everyday, now this hack has totally stopped it!

Your friendship and enermies will keep the same points forever even you never contact them for ages. Please note the long term relationship points will not adjusted unless they are on same lot with you.

Extract the VisitGenerator.iff to root directory /The Sims/GameData/Objects

No Fame Decay For Superstar

Best for celebrity sims who want a long holiday without losing their fame points, stay at home as long as possible if you like.

Extract the ControllerStudioLot.iff to root directory /The Sims/ExpansionPack6

Note: This ControllerStudioLot.iff also enable build/buy in Studio Town, no need to worry if you have installed Studio Town build/buy enabler before.

No Military School & Never Get Fired

Kids will keep the same grades even they miss the school bus, so they will never being sent to military school, let your kids stay at home forever if you like.

Same as adults, they never get fired and negative dialog when they miss carpool, good for sims who want to stay at home for several days and keep their cereer perfomance.

This hack doesn't stop the carpool and school bus come, they still go to school/work if free will enabled, it just make you nothing to worry if your sims accidently miss carpool and school bus.

Extract the CarPortal.iff to root directory /The Sims/GameData/Objects

Note: This CarPortal.iff can use with Driveable Cars and Simfully Calendar from Simfully, which will stop the carpool and school bus when holiday function enabled.

No More Prank Call Dialogs

Sims will just put down the phone without any dialog show up when they receive a prank call.

Extract the PhoneGlobals.iff to root directory /The Sims/GameData/Global

Note: This PhoneGlobals.iff can use with Simfully Calendar from Simfully.