The Baumel Portrait



 Who knows why Warden John Baumel gathered his staff around him on a fine sunny day in the 1920s?  What was the occasion?  Although we don't know for sure, we do know this is a superb photograph.

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On the back of the photo, the following appears:

"Guard force at Iowa State Mens Reformatory, Anamosa, Iowa.  Photo donated to Jones County Historical Society Museum, Edinburg, Iowa by Made Louise LaChapelle Nagel, Prairieburg, Iowa 1986.  Daughter of Robert & Madge (Powers) LaChapelle, Anamosa, Iowa.  bother were former employees at the Reformatory.

Left front row seated:  Ray Powers - brother of Madge LaChapelle, Anamosa, Iowa.
Far right standing front row:  Wiley Smith, husband of Grace Ristene Smith, Anamosa, Iowa.
Second row standing, 2nd from right (with mustache):  Harrison Powers, father of Ray & Madge.