Sterling Library

Use Destiny Discover to find library books!

Hit the "Hold" button on any print book to have it delivered to your homeroom or placed in the main office for pick up!

(see Contactless Circulation below)

OR grab an eBook or Audiobook from MackinVIA!

eBooks and Audiobooks can also be found on DestinyVideo Help from MackinVIA

Visit the Library during Study Hall!

Fill out the form below for the day/block you'd like to visit the library-BEFORE the block starts

Forms open at 7:30 am each day, and close at 10 am each day unless we have a special schedule.

When the daily cap is hit, no additional students will be allowed to stay in the MC after that point.

**If you'd like to select a book, renew a book, return a book, or print something, please stop down even if we're full**

That includes when we're closed for regular signups!




3A low cap

3B low cap





Celebrate Banned Book Week

Read a book that's been banned in other schools and libraries.

(They tend to be really good and a little edgy)

Fill out this form to have Ms. Irace pull a few library books for you. It's "browsing" online!

Club Sign-ups!

Clubs run during 3a and 3b unless stated otherwise.

Book Club Sign-Up

every other Friday during 3a/b

Girls Who Code Club

No you don't have to be a girl to join!every Wednesday during 3a/b

Knitting and Crochet Club (after school)

Thursdays after school

3D Design Club

every other Friday during 3a/b