Dave's Sterling Kit Car

Hi, my name is Dave. I purchased my Sterling late October, 2008. It was a friend of a friend kind of situation. Tony had purchased the Sterling from the second owner, who had removed the roof section, turning it into a convertible.

 I believe that it was originally built by the "factory" as my VIN # plate says "Sterling Sports Car Body Manufactured by Sterling Component Cars Mid West, Forest Park, Ill. Serial # B-81, Manufactured under license by California Componant Cars, Inc." and that it was originally yellow in color.

 Once the car came into Tony's possession, he cleaned up the fiberglass from the top chop, repainted the car it's current color (color shifting prismatic paint Purple, Green, & Black), installed custom Purple / Black interior, & Eagle rims. The sound system is currently a Sony Xplode CD stereo receiver & matching speakers.

 When I purchased the Sterling from Tony, I began the rewiring project. So far I have rewired the entire lighting system, blinkers, etc., installed 2 fuse boxes, installed electric heaters, & a seat rail on the drivers seat. Minor stuff has been: painting the dash & steering wheel, painting the outside of the drum brakes a candy metallic red, & installed chrome vent pieces.

 I will be posting pictures and updates to my car on this site as time permits. Please feel free to view the images already on this site..