Teaching Interests and Information

Courses Taught

Instructor (Graduate)

Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (TTU Core Statistics Sequence II), Clientelism and Distributive Politics, Comparative Political Economy, European Politics

Instructor (Undergraduate)

Historical Political Economy, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Political Economy of A Song of Ice and Fire, Western European Politics, American Public Policy

Teaching Interests

Comparative Politics: Comparative Political Economy, Comparative Legislative Politics, Western European Politics, European Union Politics, Democratic Institutions, Clientelism and Distributive Politics, Democratization, Comparative Digital Politics, Politics of Advanced Industrial Countries, Politics of the Welfare State

International Relations: International Political Economy

Methodology: Research Design, Undergraduate Statistics, Core Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics (Basic Probability, Linear Regression, MLE and Generalized Linear Models, Panel Techniques), Introductory Game Theory

Current Teaching

I am currently teaching a graduate statistics course. My courses's web presence, however, is in the form of the course Blackboard websites which you should visit if you are a student of mine. As alternative entertainment, here is a seal.