• Ethnic Inequality  Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming                                           with Alberto Alesina and Elias PapaioannouSlides video  The Economist                                                                                
  • Climatic Fluctuations and the Diffusion of Agriculture, Review of Economics and Statistics, July 2015, Vol. 97, No. 3: 589-609, with Quamrul Ashraf - Slides                                                    
  • On the Ethnic Origins of African Development: Traditional Chiefs and Pre-Colonial Political Centralization [linkAcademy of Management Perspectives, 2015, 29 (1): 32-71with Elias Papaioannou                                                                            
  • Financial Innovation and Endogenous Growth, [lead article] Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2015, 24 (1): 1-24 , with Luc Laeven and Ross Levine - Slides

Working Papers

Research in Progress
  • On the Persistence of Ethnic Diversity
  • The Influence of Ancestral Lifeways on Individual Economic Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa with Louis Putterman and David N. Weil
  • Inequality in Africa with Alberto Alesina and Elias Papaioannou
  • Decentralization in Sub-Saharan Africa        with Margaret McMillan      
  • Reshuffling Greeks: The Impact of 1920's Forced Population Exchange on Contemporary Economic Performance with Nikos Benos and Stelios Karagiannis
  • Landmines and Development in Mozambique with Elias Papaioannou (funded by CEPR-DFID Major Research Grant 2015-2017)
  • The Consequences of the French Revolution in the Short and Long Durée (with Raphael Franck)

Old Working Papers
  • The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Process of Development           with Oded Galor - CEPR No. 6022