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Nov 2019
  • "A Hierarchical bi-Resolution Spatial Skew-t Model", co-autored with Felipe Tagle and Marc Genton has been accepted for publication in Spatial Statistics
Aug 2019
  • "Assessing Internal Variability with Few Ensemble Runs", co-autored with Ziqing Hu, Benjamin Sanderson, Alicia Karspeck and Dorit Hammerling has been accepted for publication in Journal of Climate
Jul 2019
  • New manuscript in arXiv "Improving Bayesian Local Spatial Models in Large Data Sets", with Amanda Lenzi, Haavard Rue and Marc Genton. 


I obtained my BSc and MSc in Mathematical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 2005 and 2007 respectively. After a 6 months fellowship at the same institution, I moved to the University of Chicago where I obtained my PhD in Statistics in 2013 under the supervision of Prof. Michael Stein. In 2013 I moved to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia), where I was a Postdoctoral Fellow working with Prof. Marc Genton. From 2014 to 2017 I was Lecturer at Newcastle University (United Kingdom), before being appointed Assistant Professor in Statistics at the University of Notre Dame.