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Earning Your Grade

All students begin class with a “Clean Slate” and must earn their grade based on the following criteria:


  1. Timely attendance at performances and rehearsals.
  2. Improvement in musicianship and in musical skills.
  3. Attitude and participation in rehearsals and performances.
  4. Preparedness for all rehearsals and performances.
  5. Assignments given throughout the semester.
  6. Exams given at the end of each semester.

 All assignments in band are designed to assess the student’s growth in the objectives of music education.


Performances-  200 Points

Each performance is worth 200 points.  See the information about performance attendance for further details. Tardiness at a performance will result in a loss of fifty (50) points.


Finishing A Level- 50 Points each (10% of semester total)

Each student should complete at least 2 levels per semester.  Details regarding levels can be found here.  Levels are used as semester exams in band.  These will add up to 10% of the semester grade.


Evening Rehearsals- 30 Points

Evening rehearsals are REQUIRED!  These rehearsals are the only time outside of band camp that the band has a rehearsal al together.  Therefore this time is of the utmost importance.  Failure to attend two (2) evening rehearsals for any reason can result in a student being asked to be an alternate.

Failure to bring instrument or music to an evening rehearsal constitutes a complete loss of rehearsal points.
Unexcused tardiness will result in loss of five (5) evening rehearsal points.


Sectional Rehearsals- 30 Points

Each student will participate in one sectional per month during the academic year.  This will work like a small group practice time and is required as preparation for all performances. Consider this a homework practice session with others on your instrument.  Sectionals will be determined by the group before school, after school, or during a lunch or seminar period.  Minimum time is 25 minutes.  

Daily Rehearsals- 10 Points Daily(Rehearsal Work)

The daily work of rehearsal in a band is the most integral component of our success as a group.  Attention and attendance are vital to this process.  Missing class will result in the loss of points for that rehearsal.  

Failure to bring instruments or music to daily rehearsal constitutes a complete loss of daily points.  This constitutes an “incomplete” for the day.  Four “incompletes” will result in a letter or call to the parents. 
Five “incompletes” will lower the student’s grade by one half for the marking period (i.e. A to A-) regardless of point totals. 
Occasional checks shall be done for required materials (i.e. pencils) which could also result in loss of points.
Evaluations (Various Point Values)

Throughout the semester students will be evaluated regularly by the director to assess musical growth.  Methods of musical evaluation will be consistent for each student.  Taped evaluations will be anonymous.  All students will be assessed according to their own individual improvement in the class.  Past evaluations have included, but are not limited to, memorization tests, playing tests, theory worksheets, written evaluations, and listening worksheets.


Grading Scale 

Percentages are based on the common St. Clair High School grading scale and all grades can be accessed through Skyward.